This recipe has been up to date to restore the uncooked crust difficulty that many have commented on. thank you everybody for your input – this community wouldn’t be identical besides you!
We’ve established that you could cook a whole lot in the air fryer. Like veggies and French fries or even Buttermilk Fried “fowl”. but as a lover of all things pizza, I’m surprised that it took me this long to strive to throw one in the air fryer.
but being that it is pizza week right here at the blog, I decided to offer it a shot. And all I will say is…air frying pizza is a sport changer. now not solely does the pizza prepare dinner extra speedily, but you get that completely crispy backside crust that may be challenging to reap in a conventional oven.

(Curious approximately which air fryer is right for you? We rounded up the great air fryers here.)
Why make my air fryer pizza?
you simply need two simple substances to make the dough – Greek Yoghurt and gluten-loose self-raising flour. And no, it doesn’t taste like yogurt in any respect!
The air fryer acts as a mini pizza oven, supplying you with a particularly crispier pizza base and a pizza-oven-like end to your toppings!
in case you want to make this recipe dairy-loose or vegan, sincerely use dairy-loose yogurt and suitable toppings.
The air fryer is particularly short at cooking pizza, which means this solely takes half-hour from the beginning to complete.
you could use this dough to make naan loaves of bread and pitta bread within the air fryer too!
domestic AIR FRYER PIZZA RECIPE – high-quality EVER! (DAIRY-unfastened/VEGAN option)
AIR FRYER PIZZA RECIPE – excellent EVER! (DAIRY-free/VEGAN alternative)
Air fryer pizza recipe – it only takes 30 minutes to make and the dough solely desires 2 simple ingredients. I made mine inside the Ninja Foodi XL.
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AIR FRYER PIZZA RECIPE! Did you realize THAT YOUR AIR FRYER is essentially A MINI PIZZA OVEN? now not only DOES IT bring about A high-quality CRISPY end, however, but IT also cooks fast, meaning THIS RECIPE solely TAKES 30 mins FROM beginning to completion.
Air fryer pizza recipe, everybody? This isn’t something I predicted to be making in my air fryer… however, after one chunk, I’m now not positive I’ll ever move again to creating this inside the oven! excellent of all, the dough doesn’t want any yeast or proving, making this one a total doddle.

Air Fryer Pizza Recipe – high-quality EVER! (dairy-free/vegan alternative)

Of path, we’ve done air fryer chips, chicken tenders, buttermilk chicken, or even cooked frozen oven food in it too. It just makes dinner times a lot more trustworthy and quick… and more healthy too on maximum events!

however, one aspect I never thought I’d be making was pizza. however, I’m so glad I did!

we’ve got a gasoline fireplace, and a transportable pizza oven however as it’s iciness on the mo, it’s alas resigned to storage for now. Who knew our air fryer should do a really comparable process?!

Why make my air fryer pizza?
you only want two simple ingredients to make the dough – Greek Yoghurt and gluten-free self-raising flour. And no, it doesn’t flavor like yogurt at all!
The air fryer acts as a mini pizza oven, supplying you with a distinctly crispier pizza base and a pizza-oven-like end in your toppings!
if you need to make this recipe dairy-unfastened or vegan, without a doubt use dairy-loose yogurt and suitable toppings.
The air fryer is pretty brief at cooking pizza, which means this solely takes half-hour from the beginning to complete.
you could use this dough to make naan loaves of bread and pitta bread within the air fryer too!

Air Fryer Pizza Recipe – exceptional EVER! (dairy-unfastened/vegan option)

So, what does my air fryer pizza taste like?

the bottom is exquisitely crispy and due to the fact the air fryer blasts lots of warm air in a restrained area, the crust puffs up wonderfully. I used to avoid ingesting the crust as a kid, but now it seems to be an exceptional component!

but most significantly, the air fryer does such an incredible process in relation to cooking the topping. Our pizzas literally seemed like they came out of the pizza oven!!

And if I’m able to make this, then you definitely honestly can. So get your air fryers preheated and permit’s do that… ok, perhaps don’t preheat it this early!

here’s the entirety you’ll want for this recipe, preserve scrolling till you see the recipe card for the measurements and approach.
How to Cook Pizza In An Air Fryer
The overall system for cooking a self-made pizza in an air fryer goes something like this:
cook crust within the air fryer for three minutes. Precooking the crust will assist to provide you with a crispy backside besides overcooking the toppings!
gather pizza in the air fryer. Given how maximum air fryers are structured, it’d be too tough to make a pizza and then switch it into the air frying basket. hold the pre-cooked dough inside the air fryer, then you can upload the toppings. (if your air fryer is shaped with a front-establishing door, like a mini oven, you will be capable of collecting the pizza outdoors of the air fryer.)
cook dinner at 375 levels F for approximately 7 minutes, or till the crust is golden brown and the cheese has melted.
eat after letting the pizza cool (it’ll be piping hot!)
our favorite self-made Pizza Recipes
I really like an easy tomato sauce + buffalo mozzarella combo on those air fryer pizzas, but here are some greater pizza toppings which you might like!
clean Seitan Pepperoni
Asparagus Pizza with Burrata and Arugula
Autumn Pear Pizza
Beet Pesto Pizza with Goat Cheese and Kale
Beer Caramelized Onion and Brussels Sprout Pizza
Goat Cheese and Mushroom White Sauce Pizza
3 Cheese Roasted Grape Pizza
I used a Philips Air Fryer (affiliate hyperlink) to make these air fryer pizzas and absolutely find it irresistible, even though any air fryer has to do the job!
Greek yogurt: I exploit Greek yogurt because it’s cute and thick. natural yogurt works too, however, you could need to feature more flour to compensate for it being runnier.
Gluten-unfastened self-elevating flour: I used Doves Farm’s FREEE flour mixture for this, which has brought baking powder and xanthan gum. both of which can be welcome on this recipe!
Passata: There’s honestly by no means any need to shop for pizza sauce when you could buy a carton of passata for 30p and just add the beneath to it!
Dried oregano: This works so nicely in pizza sauce to offer it an adorable flavour and you could additionally sprinkle a bit on top after putting your toppings on.
Garlic-infused oil: add instantaneous garlic flavor with none of the reducing or prep required. Plus, it’s also low FODMAP!
Mozzarella: that is the closing cheese for pizza, however experience free to use whatever cheese you want. Dairy-loose works too.
Pepperoni: Of route, that is what I opted to top my pizza with, but once more, feel free to apply some toppings you like.
Salt and pepper: Seasoning is the entirety, in particular in pizza!

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