Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 21st August 2023 Written Episode 1 Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 21st August 2023 Written Update: Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si Episode 1 written update;

Modern Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 21st August 2023 episode begins with Kunal inside the aircraft telling that he hates coming returned to Mumbai pointing out that he is here for his enterprise and not anything else.

A flashback in London shows Godi, Kunal’s father mentioning his self-assurance was disrupted by means of his acknowledged ones managing the track enterprise well.

Kunal tells him that he’s going to deal with the entirety there at the same time as Kunal’s sister, Devika from upstairs comes strolling down.

She comes to Kunal and asks him to take her to see that she does not experience good however to no avail.

Kunal comforts her and asks her to grin whilst Devika provides that his face is absolutely like his mom’s.

Godi receives caused by means of this and Kunal insists Devika relax after which she is led upstairs.

Kunal tells his father to now not to mistreat Devika when God tells him that once in a time father’s advice is of no fee.

He expresses his hatred towards his runaway wife and states that his organization should need a singer by any means.

lower back in India, Vandana wakes up from her dream of singing however is woken up by using Shivam.

She receives up and calls Vaibhav, her fiancé, however, is requested to depart a voice notice rather.

Vandana tells him to pay his installments on time and with I really like you goes ahead with her day.

meanwhile, Kunal eventually off the plane and texts Bobby if the car has reached.

From the opposite facet, Bobby sends a selfie making Kunal’s eyes roll.

Kunal ultimately comes to the entrance and is greeted by way of Buaji who insists he comes up to their area however to no avail.
Kunal then receives seated in the cab however to his marvel, Bobby on Bua’s insistence joins in too.

After a while, Bobby asks Kunal wherein he’s headed ahead to which Kunal tells him that he’s off for the studio.
Kunal asks Bobby if the five-12 months agreement papers are prepared for that one singer and Bobby tells that he’s ready.

within the Karmakar household, Vandana after her riyaaz seeks advantages from Baba.

She asks Baba if any development is needed in her singing competencies and Baba tells that her capabilities are all proper.

He further asks her to focus on her solo singing possibility and encourages her to be unstoppable.

Vandana receives up and brings Baba’s compositions telling her that she desires to permit the arena to recognize approximately his capabilities.

Baba receives sad but brushes it off while Vandana promises Baba that she’ll provide his composition to the enterprise that values it.

meanwhile, in the car, Bobby asks Kunal to check out assets.

Later, Vandana gets benefits for her first solo making a song opportunity for everybody, and leaves in an auto.

at the studio, Kunal takes his first study Vandana who prepares to sing by looking at the lyrics.

Vandana begins making a song however Kunal gets disgusted and tells Rohan that if Vandana shuts up she’ll do something higher.

Kunal leaves at the same time as Vandana from the recording nook gets taken aback.

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