Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 23rd August 2023 Written Episode 3 Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 22nd August 2023 Written Update: Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si Episode 2 written update;

The Episode starts with Kunal leaving. Vandana runs after him. He is going inside the carry. She runs downstairs. She says your judgment is nonsense, who are you, Tansen? you’re judging me. He asks are you an idiot. They argue. She says you may reject me in case you don’t like my voice, but you can’t reject my dreams, I m born to emerge as a big singer, I turn into a singer. He says as a businessman, I recognize what sells in the marketplace. She says the tune is a commercial enterprise for you, its worship for me, a brand new voice continually sets fashion, you don’t have an imaginative and prescient, I know you’re a huge music manufacturer, I m not anything, keep in mind, it doesn’t take time to trade market and fashion. Bobby looks on. Vandana asks Rohan to quit the drama and start the recording.
Vandana’s dad Vijay and Aaji look ahead to Vandana. Aaji says your daughter will fulfill your desires. He says yes Taai, she can fulfill it, I can call her. Vandana says I m equipped, come. Rohan says we are able to not do the recording these days. Vandana cries. Rohan says we could bypass it these days. She says you favored my voice so you are known as me. He says sure, I must reconsider, sorry. Kunal says suitable one, tune is made to sell within the market. Vandana taunts him.

She says I was given the motivation to come to be a singer and prove you incorrect, I become the primary singer, you may come to me and question me to sing for your tune label, I can ask for forgiveness, I don’t have time. He says higher wake up from sleep. He leaves. She cries. She assesses her dad’s message. She receives sadness. She calls Vaibhav. He asks what happened, and informs me speedily. She says I was given rejected. He asks then. She says a businessman rejected me, I got insulted, he called my voice a noise, who’s he to reject me, it’s my loss, if I tell dad, then he’s going to get hurt, what shall I do. he is busy in the office. He attends some other call. He says I m listening, I recognize you felt awful, don’t suppose an awful lot, think of something else, reflect on consideration on me, about our marriage, honeymoon, we will visit Switzerland, don’t worry, my love, just take care of your dad. he’s taking any other call. She receives unhappiness. She leaves. automobile motive force/Kaka asks her to take a seat in the automobile, it’s raining. She says I couldn’t keep my goals. He encourages her.

Bobby says you can have neglected that. Kunal says I did a choice for her, she was once residing in misconception, and I enlightened her. Bobby says you in no way realize. Kunal says that female voice has no great of a playback singer. Vijay praises Vandana’s voice. Vandana is at the method. She recollects Vijay encouraging her. She cries. Kunal receives a call from Parisa. He answers the decision and says what passed off, why are you up. She says sure Mamu, I m fine, I know you to experience higher, love you lots. He says love you too, what came about? She says her mother’s 56 overlooked calls, why does she take stress, she loves me and I really like her too, I feel sad for her. He says don’t worry, I will speak to mumma. She thanks him. She asks did you get your queen voice, it’s ok, you may locate her, and you’ll make our track label primary. Bobby comes and asks how are you? Pari greets him. Kunal says Bobby is your Mamu. Bobby says just name me Bobby, love you. Kunal takes the smartphone and says you have been announcing something. She says I went to my buddy’s house, they have a massive family, they stay together, and we don’t live collectively. He says I m getting Dad’s calling. She says to take his elegance, bye, loves you. He says love you too. Vandana comes to the café. She writes 1 at the reflect. Kunal seems on.

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