Best Apple Pie Chips Recipe

Those Apple Pie Chips are a snacky spin on the conventional Apple Pie that all of us love. They’re sweet, crispy, and perfect to dunk into a few vanilla ice creams — a remarkable deal for vacations.
something approximately the vacation season makes me CRAVE freshly baked pies, but it is able to be a big venture to make them. input: pie, however snackable finger-food style.
That’s exactly what these Apple Pie Chips are – smooth to make & serve, but with that rustic pie flavor that all of us love. I really like to serve them with a drizzle of salted caramel sauce and an aspect of vanilla ice cream to dunk into (you know the children are gonna LOVE this one!)

for the reason that these aren’t conventional pies, you don’t want a pie tin or time beyond regulation to blind-bake the crust. all of the steps are pretty trustworthy and brief so this is ideal in case you’ve got vacation baking in your thinking but are quick on time and equipment.

Pie substances are pantry substances – no factor shopping here!
these chips have a shorter cook and assembly time as compared to standard pies
Serving is fuss-free – no problems reducing & serving, and no filling oozing out!
kids will love this progressive spin on their preferred vacation dessert.
substances you’ll want to make apple pie chips.
Pie Crust – equal to a traditional pie crust recipe

All motive Flour (Maida) – non-negotiable on this recipe as this guarantees a mild and flaky crust
Salt – just a pinch, I use Himalayan purple Salt
Unsalted Butter – you can use salted butter right here but ensure to skip the extra pinch of salt if you do. You want to reduce the butter into small cubes as this makes it less complicated to combine with the flour to structure the dough
Caster Sugar – for sweetness. We’re the use of exceptional caster sugar right here due to the fact we want easy dough.
Ice bloodless Water – this is the hack to getting the ideal pie dough every time. Ice bloodless water maintains our cubed butter from melting too speedy, with the purpose to make certain that flaky crust texture that we need.
Filling – a remarkable clean spiced apple jam in place of the conventional pie filling

Apples – cored, peeled, and chopped, I take advantage of Washington Apples in India
Granulated Sugar – I’m the usage of sugar as in line with the traditional recipe because the sweetener right here however you can attempt to make it with maple syrup or honey as properly.
Spices – cinnamon sticks and cloves add to the aroma and flavor of the filling. It gives it that more highly spiced kick.
Salt – only a pinch to balance out all the flavors.
Water – to bring the sauce together

Egg Wash – for that golden brown finish. I make my egg wash with one egg whisked with a chunk of milk.
Sugar – to dust on top for that caramelized crunchiness.
the way to make apple pie chips
here’s a brief step-by way of-step showing you the way to make Apple Pie Chips:
for the dough:
1. add all-reason flour, salt, and caster sugar to a mixing bowl and mix till homogenous. upload the butter portions and pulse simply till the mixture resembles big bread crumbs. You have to see pea-sized portions of butter alongside the breadcrumb-like aggregate.

two. upload water and knead for some other two-3 mins.

3. Knead collectively till the aggregate paperwork right into a scraggly dough.

4. sit back in the refrigerator for 30-forty five mins.
for the filling:
five. whilst the dough is chilling, sell off all the elements beneath filling in a pan. bring to a boil after which simmer on low heat.
6. cowl and cook for 25-half-hour.

7. as soon as the apples are soft, set the aggregate apart to chill.

eight. As soon as cooled, cast off one cinnamon stick and all the cloves.
9. blend the relaxation (which includes the alternative cinnamon stick) till clean. dispose of any chunks of cinnamon stick.

10. combo again till the aggregate is clean.

assembling the chips:
eleven. Pre-warmth your oven to two hundred stages. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. To bring it together, eliminate pie dough from the refrigerator. depart it at the counter for five mins. Divide the pie dough equally into two parts. Sprinkle a sheet of parchment paper with flour, and roll out one half of the dough into 1/2 a centimeter-thick rectangle structure.

12. spread the filling in this dough whilst leaving a half-inch border on all 4 facets and set it apart.
thirteen. quickly roll out the opposite dough in kind of the same shape on a sheet of parchment paper.

14. lightly carry up the parchment and location it on the other dough. do not worry if your edges don’t meet exactly. Peel the parchment cautiously.

15. Pinch the rims together as well as you may. a region this on a baking tray, and use a pizza cutter or knife to reduce the dough into half of an inch lengthy ‘chips’. This has to yield 12-14 long chips that can both be cut into 1/2 or saved as is.

sixteen. Use a fork to seal the edges. reduce into strips the usage of a knife. a
17. Whisk egg and milk.

18. Brush with egg wash.

19. Sprinkle with sugar.

20. Bake for 25-half-hour till golden brown. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream or salted caramel sauce.
regularly requested questions:
Is it quintessential to relax my pie dough? yes, this makes the dough easy to roll out and work with. not chilling the dough will most probably cause it to break apart when rolling – and we don’t want that.
Do I should combination my apple filling or can I maintain it chunky as with traditional pie? I recommend blending the sauce as it makes it easier to maintain that slender chip shape in this recipe. mixing ensures that the filling is effortlessly unfoldable barring tearing the pie crust.
in case you’ve got a few vacation get-togethers coming up and you’re nevertheless stuck on what to serve, you’ve been given to give those Apple Pie Chips a pass. when you consider that there isn’t plenty of an energetic cooking time, you may get other matters prepping along – making this a great birthday celebration menu dessert.

I really like making those as a fun little weekend treat for the kiddos’ play dates properly (and in case you’re asking me, having these around could make the correct late-night snack too!)
For the dough
▢one hundred fifty g (1.25 cups) All-purpose Flour or Maida
▢1 teaspoon Salt
▢4 tablespoons (60 g) Caster Sugar
▢75 g (zero.33 cups) Unsalted Butter cut into small pieces
▢four – 5 tablespoons Water Ice-bloodless
For the filling
▢two Apples cored, peeled, and chopped
▢four tablespoons (60 g) Sugar
▢2-inch Cinnamon sticks
▢two – 3 Cloves
▢¼ teaspoon Salt
▢½ cup (125 g) Water
▢1 Egg Egg wash
▢2 Tablespoons Milk
▢1 teaspoon Sugar for sprinkling on the pinnacle

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