Bigg Boss 17 15th October 2023 Written Episode 1 Video

Bigg Boss 17 15th October 2023 Written Update: BB 17 Episode 1 written update;

Today Bigg Boss 17 15th October 2023 episode 1 (Day 1, Grand Premiere) starts offevolved with Bigg Boss welcoming the audience stating that he has returned with a new season once more.

He talks approximately the talk of being biased and states that he wants to change the game as he might be biased and do open favoritism for the reason that it is his subject.

Revealing that there are three Makans inside the Bigg Boss Maholla and Makan No.1, the romance house.
He talks approximately his fandom BroSena and even does a small vlog with Salman Khan earlier than going inner.

Furthermore, Salman welcomes Sana Raees Khan, an attorney, and Jigna Vora, a journalist as the following contestants.

Munawar’s fan within the house!
He asks both of them why they suppose they must be the chief and what features they have before sending them internally.

on the other hand, Bigg Boss scolds Aishwarya for speaking in English and calls Munawar and Mannara into the confession.

He asks Munawar why he did not choose any Makan and he exhibits that it is cause he doesn’t have faith in Mannara.

Bigg Boss tells Mannara that she should learn how to be pleasant and be given to other buddies.

Later, Jigna reveals that she’s a large fan of Munawar and is satisfied that she has every other Gujarati in the house.

Single Humans in the BB house
She proclaims that she’s going to stay inside the Dimag Makan (brain Villa) while Neil attempts to persuade Aishwarya of the same.

at the set, Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain greet Salman Khan who makes them renew their vow in the Bigg Boss method.

The couple input the BB residence at the same time as Salman welcomes the subsequent contestant, Soniya Bansal.

Salman also welcomes, Firoza Khan AKA Khanzaadi who’s the next contestant.

another contestant, Tehelka Bhai AKA Sunny Arya also arrives on stage and guarantees to make every person snicker along with his pranks while his spouse Deepika Arya also comes there and scolds him for flirting with another female.

Salman reveals that he pranked him and sent Sunny, Firoza, and Soniya into the house after dancing with Deepika.

Furthermore, Salman welcomes contestant No. 14 Rinku Dhawan whose mother was also involved in dropping her off.

Arun Mashetty who’s a gamer on YouTube also comes on degree and introduces himself as the 15th contestant.

huge fight on the Bigg Boss Set!
They input the BB Maholla at the same time as Abhishek Kumar gives an amazing overall performance on the level and well-known shows himself because the 16th contestant at the same time as Udaariyaan co-big name Isha Malviya well-known shows herself as the seventeenth contestant.

Salman teases them even as they both chuckle at each other being an ex-couple or more or much less of a situation-deliver.

They display how Abhishek grew more emotionally attached and possessive whilst Isha never takes into consideration them as a couple.

He exhibits that he desires to apply his intelligence at the same time as she states that she desires to use her coronary heart.

The duo starts arguing on stage at the same time as Salman tells them that they shall speak within destiny too and calms them down.

She goes on to state that she no longer condones violence against women even as he argues that she used to scratch him along with her nails.

Salman asks them to refrain from talking about this on the set and diverts the communication as he sends them within the BB Maholla.

 Bigg Boss Season 17 15 October 2023 Episode 1.

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As for Makan No.2, the house belongs to the brains and the toppers of the residence wherein he will provide and make recommendations.

Mannara is BB’s preferred!
ultimately, to attach the two Makans, the final Makan is of strength and guts and does not even need Bigg Boss itself and is able to do everything themselves.

Welcoming the target audience to revel in the drama, Salman Khan makes his entry with a grand performance inner all 3 Makans.

similarly, Salman graces the level and greets the audience in his signature fashion even as he tells them that it will likely be an excessive amount of fun when his favorites and Bigg Boss’ favorites are not healthy and fight against each other.

He states that they will not wait further and welcomes the first contestant, Mannara Chopra who units the stage on hearth together with her overall performance.

Salman states straight away that she isn’t always there owing to her closing call but as a result of her paintings and Genius.

Bigg Boss indicates her profile and the traits for which she used to be decided on which include her work as an actress and her being too protective.

She dances with him and also eats Panipuri with Salman Khan earlier revealing that she is being preferred by way of Bigg Boss who offers her the selection to be living in the house she is in.

Standup comic Munawar is not a fave!
at the side of the advantage, Mannara is given the obligation of speaking to all the relaxation housemates and introducing them to the BB Maholla.

Salman states that Mannara has emerged as BB’s favorite at the same time as she states that she does not help favoritism.

As she enters, Bigg Boss tells her that it looks as if she doesn’t like his prolonged hand for friendship and tells her that he’ll flip to the old Bigg Boss as he punishes her and orders her to read the whole booklet to all the contestant who enters and announce their choice to Bigg Boss.

meanwhile, Salman welcomes the second contestant, Munawar Faruqui, and performs Shayri with him.

Salman makes him input the BB Maholla telling him to close up while break day Ka Vaar comes.

within the house, Mannara tells him approximately the 3 Makans and tells him that he has to pick out.

A cute couple enters BB’s house
He subtly roasts her about her courting with Priyanka Chopra and tells her that he is no longer gonna percentage the Makan together with her given that he would not trust her.

on the other hand, Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma made their access at the BB set with a magnificent performance.

Salman welcomes the contestants 3 and four while Aishwarya maintains guffawing in anxiety.

studying their profile, evidently, Aishwarya has many features even as Neil’s sole first-class is that he is Patnivrata.

Imported Contestant
Salman also welcomes contestant No. five, Navid Sole, the only ‘Imported’ housemate who is there to either locate love or tear it down.

Salman reveals that he likes Neil even as it seems like BB likes Navid at the same time as informing him of the guidelines.

End of Today’s Bigg Boss Season 17 15th October 2023 Episode 1.

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