Bigg Boss OTT 2 10th July 2023 Written Episode 24 Update

modern Bigg Boss OTT 2 tenth July 2023 episode (Day 23) begins with all of the housemates waking up to the track ‘First magnificence’.

Jad Hadid tries to cheer up a still-disenchanted Jiya Shankar.

Falaq’s firey alternate in mindset!
further, Bigg Boss blares the horn for Manisha Rani to awaken while Jiya tells her that this is making her decision of setting her in jail justified.

at the same time, Bebika Dhurve and Abhishek Malhan are having an issue within the lavatory place as normal.

Later, Manisha is telling Bebika approximately how she applies balm on her forehead and lies right down to get higher while Bebika asks her if she’s an over philosopher.

Falaq Naaz remarks saying that Manisha uses her brain greater than its ability and tells her to not use it a whole lot.

Manisha retorts saying that she can use her brain very nicely.

Falaq keeps commenting on Manisha to Bebika and Pooja Bhatt at the same time as Manisha tells Abhi how Falaq is trying to act like an opinionated man or woman after the Weekend Ka Vaar.

Abhi says that he hopes Falaq does not come to be a villain the same time as seeking to grow to be an opinionated individual.

Abhi turns into Krishna of BB house!
Later, Abhi receives emotions and cries remembering his family at the same time as Jad, Cyrus, and Avinash Sachdev console him and speak to him as a completely quality person.

at the equal time, Bebika is teasing Jiya stating that Abhi is very possessive of her even as inclusive of Pooja in it.

Falaq jumps into the communique and says that nothing can occur between Jiya and Abhi until Manisha is pals with Abhi seeing that she has trapped him.

Manisha tries to cheer up Abhi telling him that he’s a young good-looking guy whose time is to miss his female rather than his mother and father.

however, Falaq and Jiya sit and speak approximately how Abhi and Manisha are biased for every difference.

Later, Bebika and Manisha talk approximately their love existence and joke with others as Bebika says that she handiest had five relationships in her life.

Manisha tells her that her solution disenchanted her thinking about her splendor at the same time as revealing that there have been 22 people who confessed to her out of which she appreciated lower back simplest 2.

Gossiping on live!
afterward, Bigg Boss holds a meeting in the residing room once more with buckets of popcorn at the desk.

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Bigg Boss says that within the outdoor world, people normally go with their families to look at films and says that undertaking is related to that simplest.

Avinash reads from the guidance pad announcing that Bigg Boss will name contestants into the hobby area (wherein a lunch table is set up with an expansion of meals) and talk to approximately other housemates at the same time as having a lunch date.

Manisha and Bebika are referred to as into the activity room first and they begin to speak to me approximately Avinash declaring that he has no clue of what to do in the Bigg Boss recreation and might use his buddies as a stepping stool.

After some time, Bigg Boss tells them that the contestants have pressed the button indicating that their gossip is not pleasing.

Bebika argues that Manisha no longer lets her talk whilst the rest of the housemates think that this changed into an act and not real gossip.

Later, Avi sits with Jiya and tells her that she can not speak about other human beings’ grievances and always attempts to defend herself even as Falaq is of the same opinion as him.

Jiya tells them that it’s miles they who aren’t cozy together with her responses and an argument ensues between them.

Abhi-Pooja’s VERY real speak
For the following spherical, Pooja and Abhishek are known as into the hobby room and then Pooja asks him if he is locating any modifications within the room from the day past.

Abhi talks about how Falaq’s been more lively but he no longer wants to be portrayed in an incorrect way.

in addition, they talk approximately they both missed their circle of relatives/dad and mom today.

Avinash once more presses the buzzer and Bigg Boss calls Pooja and Abhi out of the interest room.

Pooja talks about how come contestants are demanding (specially Bebika) because Abhi and Manisha have a large fan following while Abhi reasons that they speak approximately their handiest whilst someone asks them.

Later, Bebika sits with Manisha and states how Cyrus thinks Manisha has a crush on Abhi while Manisha states that nobody goes to name to fall in love in one of these little times.

At the same time, Jiya is telling Abhi about Bebika patching them up and laughs whilst Manisha tells Bebika that she thinks Bebika has begun crushing on Abhi.

Jiya’s character receives deconstructed by way of Pooja!
Jad and Jiya cross into the interesting room to gossip and start speaking approximately Manisha whilst Jad says that she may be very vivid but isn’t accepting to analyze new matters.
Jiya tells him that he needs to attempt to educate her to see other human beings’ views and take different human beings’ advice.

in addition, they talk approximately Bebika’s insecurity whilst Pooja presses the buzzer and says that Jiya sounds fraudulent.

Abhi says that the concept of Jad changed into being diplomatic whilst the rest of the housemates say that Jad become actual only.

afterward, Abhi talks to Jad and asks him why he stated that Bebika isn’t aggressive while he’s the one who has stated this commonly.

Jad tells him how he judges the situations and the way Pooja defined him that Bebika is simply insecure.
Falaq sits with Jiya and tells her that she gives returned to humans in a much more unsightly way and tells her to keep it in control while Jiya says that it’s far just how she speaks and she or he accepts it along with her whole coronary heart.

For the remaining round, Bigg Boss calls Falaq, Avinash, and Cyrus into the hobby.

Cyrus Brocha leaves BB!
Falaq begins speaking about how she has ended up a Bhatki Javani in the 0.33 week and talks approximately how she has been stimulated by means of Manisha calling her a copy-paste.

She says that Abhishek and Manisha have been right in the torture project.

both Avi and Falaq tell Cyrus that he ought to voice out his reviews.

when the three start speaking in a stupid manner approximately Pooja, she presses the buzzer.

once they come out, Pooja tells Cyrus that she pressed the buzzer on the grounds that he said that he desired to move home.

Falaq tells Pooja how Jiya told her that she notion Pooja changed into the mood for revenge which is why she pressed the buzzer.

At the identical time, Abhi and Manisha are inside the garden and he tells her that Falaq desires to consider herself as the top to be visible in the residence.

The relaxation of the housemates talks about how Jiya is speaking to Abhi even after he admitted to her that they mentioned her and Jad.

Pooja says that Jiya would possibly want to maintain her alliance with Abhi on account that he is a huge persona on social media.

Later, Abhi talks approximately Pooja doing too many duties to Jiya while Jiya is famous that Pooja herself desired to do all of the obligations.

He asks her if something took place between her and Falaq whilst Jiya well-known shows that she is disillusioned are talking to each differently.

Jiya goes to Pooja to talk approximately the duties after which Pooja additionally talks about the revenge remark.

Pooja talks very authoritatively and tells Jiya to no longer play these childish things together with her.

Jiya goes to Avi and asks him why he said this stuff to Pooja in such a manner and whilst he does not provide her a clear response, she says that she’ll cross and speak to Falaq about it.

Avi and Jiya are subsequently OFF!
Avi is going to Jiya once more and argues with her making her remind that he turned into the only one who made her a captain.

This creates a heated argument between the 2 making their rocky friendship subsequently come to a cease.

At night time, the dinner is not made and Falaq argues that she did not make something for the reason that the captain (Jiya) did now not inform her something.

Cyrus receives referred to as the confession room in which Bigg Boss tells him that does to a medical emergency inside the outer globe, his circle of relatives has called him out of the show and the Bigg Boss house.

He asks if actually even as Bigg Boss says that on humanitarian grounds, Bigg Boss has typical his circle of relatives’s request and tells him to come out of the house via the door on the left facet.

At the equal time, Falaq and Avi talk about Jiya being overdramatic while Abhi sits with Jiya asking her why she is crying.

but, Bigg Boss calls them all into the residing region and informs them approximately Cyrus leaving the display due to an out-of-doors scientific emergency.

Bebika begins crying even as the relaxation of housemates starts preparing his baggage to be sent out.

Jad later sits with Jiya and tries to console her at the same time as she tells him that she can’t accept as true with them considering they are gossiping approximately whatever she says to them.

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