Bigg Boss OTT 2 11th August 2023 Written Episode 56 Update

Bigg Boss OTT 11th August 2023 Written Update: Bigg Boss OTT Episode 56 update;

Today Bigg Boss OTT two 11th August 2023 episode (Day 55) begins with a magnificent trending track that energizes all people and they all try and groove to the song in the morning.

however, Elvish Yadav becomes the master of Camouflage as he uses a bottle to guard himself from the Bigg Boss cameras even as he sneaks in some more sleep inside the lawn location.

in addition, Bigg Boss drops a bombshell that RJ Mahvash, the legendary RJ has made access into the Bigg Boss house to fulfill the pinnacle 5 Finalists which sparks a wave of pleasure amongst everybody.

Later, RJ Mahvash asks anybody to name who they experience is the deserving winner when Elvish expresses that Abhi merits the trophy and he strongly believes in brotherhood.
Manisha Rani and Abhishek Malhan funny story with one another as he snickers at her clarifying that she has an eager interest in Elvish Yadav.

in addition, Bebika Dhurve and Abhi discuss the false impression in their correspondence as Abhi believes her to be an egotist.

on the other hand, Elvish discussed with Pooja Bhatt approximately how his discussion with Abhi went with regard to a special case challenger being the champ.

Pooja facets with Elvish and tells her that she started out seeing the once again trust in Abhi down.

later on, each one of the housemates sits down and discusses whether or not the sport is tied in with having suppositions or approximately their characters.

on the factor, whilst Pooja and Elvish disagree with Abhi, he is going to sit down in the nursery with Manisha and Jiya Shankar.
Elvish discusses how he felt angry about Abhi’s statement about a trump card not being a champ and about his commentary that Elvish is the legend’s partner while Abhi is the legend.

the 2 of them are talking about it while the chime jewelry makes each one of the hopefuls hurry to the nursery.

Bigg’s supervisor invites journey vlogger Aninay as he lets the housemates understand that alongside the display, the BB house will likewise reach a conclusion because of which more than one motion video lumberjacks will come and give a visit through the BB residence to esteem as reminiscences.
An inlay sits as Bebika does his palmreading and illuminates to him that he has two relationships in his destiny.

She moreover says that his contemplative nature has created some issues in his daily existence.

in addition, he tells Elvish and Abhi that they are gambling on the sport pleasantly and that there’s competition among them outdoors.
He likewise activates Elvish to cease giving a shout-out to others and start gambling the game as a competitor.

while Aninay leaves, Abhi and Elvish try and interpret Aninay’s words whilst the following traveler Mohit suggests up.

Mohit welcomes the housemates and facetiously lets Manisha realize that he has a suggestion from his sibling for her who lives in Canada.

He starts touring the residence whilst discussing ends and asks them whom they believe can be stored.

A huge portion of the housemates take Manisha and Elvish’s names.
meanwhile, Abhi stocks that he wishes Elvish to be a winner but if he talks about the journey then, Manisha has had a remarkably robust journey.

alternatively, Bebika and Pooja are discussing that if Abhi wins, Elvish will be delighted from the lowest of his coronary heart.

but, if Elvish wins, it’ll deeply hurt Abhi.

After a while, Abhi mimics Manisha’s expression whilst RJ stated that Elvish leaving which makes everybody snort around him.

The written update may be up to date once the episode airs live on Jio Cinema.

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