Bigg Boss OTT 2 11th July 2023 Written Episode 25 Update

Bigg Boss OTT 11th July 2023 Written Update: Bigg Boss OTT Episode 25  update;

Today Bigg Boss OTT 2 twelfth July 2023 episode (Day 24) starts with all the housemates waking as much as the Bigg Boss track as they go to the lawn and start dancing.

similarly, Abhisehk Malhan asks Falaq Naaz if she and Jiya Shankar had been virtually hostile and she or he says that they had been simply arguing.

Falaq gets precipitated!
Bebika Dhurve interrupts and states that they’re arguing only and leaves saying that Falaq is not prepared to simply accept that they have been in conflict.

Later, Jiya and Abhi sit down together and talk about Falaq and Avinash Sachdev even as Jiya says that she can’t talk to them anymore.

At the identical time, Falaq and Avi also speak about Jiya as Avi tells Falaq that she will be able to mend her friendship with Jiya but no longer him due to the fact that they are becoming so many cracks in their friendship.

later on, Jad Hadid talks to Falaq asking her to speak to Jiya but she refuses.

Later, Manisha Rani and Bebika sit down with every different and communicate approximately how Avinash is playing like a coward and how he and Falaq have ended up Pooja’s minions.

Pooja comes there and Manisha hugs her complimenting her fragrance.

Manisha later goes to the bedroom location and needs Abhi to get out whilst having stupid talks with Jiya in it additionally.

Abhi gets stored by JANTA!
The housemates get amazed to see the decoration of the garden and go out of doors as Bigg Boss tells them that today’s nomination venture is going to be a little non-public as they’re going to apply their private items to appoint the individual of their preference.

Avi reads the instructions and reveals that Jiya being the captain is safe together with Abhishek in step with a ballot accomplished within the morning to Janta.

within the mission, the contestants will need to provide their private items in every round when the buzzer is pressed, after which Abhi and Jiya and deliver them the name of their desired contestant whom they would like to appoint.

Nomination task!
Abhi and Jiya will have to select one object and provide the call of the nominated character while conforming to the nomination by destroying the personal item and throwing it inside the bin.

within the first spherical, Jiya and Abhi select Falaq’s item to destroy and Bebika is nominated.

Later, Bebika complains approximately Abhi getting saved with the aid of his fanatics due to the voting inside the poll whilst Jiya goes to Falaq and ultimately hugs her at the same time as having a breakdown.

Falaq asks her she failed to come to her while Jiya states that she wanted to clean her mind earlier than coming to talk to her.

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Bebika then again argues with Abhi telling him that he goals her in nominations while he tells her that he isn’t always a contestant but a Michalak.

Falaq gives up her own family image!
She begins hitting him and he laughs strolling away from him telling her that she is making an attempt to touch him.

They emerge as having pillow combat while Manisha comes there and separates them.

Abhi and Bebika visit Pooja Bhatt and bitch to her even as Abhi reasons that Bebika ought to now not to hit him.

the second spherical begins and Jiya and Abhi again laugh as they tell Jad that they’re not accepting clothes.

Falaq is prepared to sacrifice her circle of relatives photo to appoint Manisha reasoning that she is caught on one issue only.

Jiya and Abhi get stressed in selecting between Pooja and Falaq and ultimately, pick Falaq owing to the object she is giving up.
Abhi destroys the photograph and throws it into the bin whilst mentioning that Manisha is nominated.

Falaq rushes to her bed to cry but Avi rushes after her consoling her.

however, Abhi sits with and Manisha tries to explain to her that the item that the man or woman is giving is greater precedence since the mission is revolved around that solely.

at the same time, Jiya consoles Falaq who shows her every other piece that is very personal to her and exhibits that she might sacrifice it too.

Jiya shakes her head saying that the venture is going to be very exciting now.
For the third spherical, all the housemates bring their maximum treasured items putting Jiya and Abhi in a quandary.

Abhi and Jiya accept Pooja’s sacrifice of bangles and announce that Falaq is nominated.

inside the fourth spherical, Manisha brings her footwear to sacrifice Avinash which might be her maximum steeply-priced footwear to her.

most of the contestants nominate Avinash however in the long run, Jiya and Abhi be given Avi’s bracelet and announce that Pooja is nominated.

later on, the housemates start arguing with Abhi declaring that he has done private vengeance and nominated Pooja.

Falaq sacrifices her costly ring!
inside the last spherical, Jad subsequently brings something very precious to him, his daughter’s picture with the nomination for Avi.

at the equal time, Falaq also brings out the hoop that her mother talented her to nominate Avinash.

Abhi and Jiya pick out Falaq’s ring to sacrifice and placed it in the dustbin as they announce that Avinash is nominated.

afterward, Bebika jokes that she desires to meet Abhi’s brother and he starts offevolved calling her Bhabhi.

Bebika starts offevolved speaking to the digicam and gives an offer to Abhi’s brother, brought about Insaan, and tells him to roast her.

Later, Jiya praises Pooja’s cleansing skills the same time as Pooja tells her to inform different housemates to do easy this method when they get the loo cleaning duty.

at the equal time, Manisha jokes approximately how she will be able to converse with Jad’s daughter as a Bihari mother.

Bebika tells Manisha how Falaq and Avi are sticking to Abhi as a result of his fan following at the same time as Falaq exhibits to Abhi that she could not take reproduction-Paste drama.

At night time, Falaq is once more referred to as to the kitchen to clean the counter and he or she receives a bit disillusioned as she has cooked everything besides for the chapati.

Falaq is going and complains to Jiya who says that she can deliver the counter cleaning responsibility to Manisha.

At night time, Manisha tells Bebika how Avi and Falaq are sitting like strangers and do now not appear like a couple.

in the meantime, Abhi goes to Avi and Falaq and sits with them complaining about Jiya not giving importance to the distribution of obligations and having no care for the captain’s duties.

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