Bigg Boss OTT 2 12th July 2023 Written Episode 26 Update

Bigg Boss OTT 11th July 2023 Written Update: Bigg Boss OTT Episode 25  update; 

Today’s Bigg Boss OTT 12th July 2023 episode (Day 25) begins with all of the housemates waking up to an energetic tune as they go to the garden and dance and sing to do away with their sleepiness.

similarly, Jad Hadid goes to Jiya Shankar and gives to put her stuff on top however she refuses pointing out that she wishes all the stuff every day.

Jiya’s mindset upsets Jad!
At the equal time, Pooja Bhatt and Manisha Rani are speakme approximately captaincy when Manisha is famous that her desire to turn out to be a captain.

Jad is going to Avinash Sachdev and talks about Jiya and then he sees Bebika Dhurve dressed up and whistles at her.

They design to make Manisha jealous and Jad feeds Bebika at the same time as Manisha keeps looking.

Later, Jiya is going to take a seat beside Jad on his bed and he tells her that he used to be dissatisfied that she did not even need to offer him a bit of space.

She apologizes whilst he tells her that she is egocentric.

After a while, Bebika and Abhishek Malhan are having a pillow fight at the same time as Jiya and Jad see Falaq Naaz and Avinash speakme and cope with them as Mr. And Mrs. Sachdeva.

Falaq tells Jiya and Jad in a shouting and impolite system to live within their limits which shocks them.

however, accepting their mistake, Jiya and Jad apologize to them and depart from there.

further, Bigg Boss publicizes that now it is time to rid Jiya of her obligations and fires Jiya from captaincy.

later on, Bigg Boss tells them that it is time for the captaincy undertaking and tells Avinash to visit the storeroom and examine the training.

in the undertaking, the housemates will need to attend the BB game where Manisha and Bebika can be instructors and will earn roses from the relaxation of the students.

Captaincy venture!
in the meantime, the students will acquire the tiffins on their racks, and the scholar with the very best quantity of tiffin after every round will get to do away with one contestant (aside from Bebika and Manisha) from the captaincy race.

at the identical time, among Manisha and Bebika, the one who will get greater roses turns into the contender for the captaincy race.

afterward, the 2 very last contestants will combat in opposition to every other for the captain.

Manisha starts offevolved her magnificence first and starts offevolved speakme about the contestants and their games even as Avinash, Jiya, and Falaq do now not take her seriously.

Abhishek deliberately angers Manisha and she kicks him out of the magnificence as he rushes to stuff tiffins in his bags.

inside the first spherical, Pooja, Abhi, and Jad give Manisha roses as the round ends.

Manisha and Bebika head to head!
Avi and Bebika criticize Manisha pronouncing that she must have flirted with Jad to create amusement whilst Manisha says that she does that daily and that she or he desired to portray the function of a teacher.

Abhishek and Bebika get into a controversy in the course of the project.

The housemates agree with Abhishek’s call for Bebika to express regret however she does not agree announcing that she did no longer say anything wrong even as the housemates calm her.

Bebika uses this possibility and sends Avinash, Pooja, and Jad out even continuing to insult Abhi.

Abhi is going and writes ‘GADHA instructor’ on the board whilst Jiya even suggests drawing a donkey.

in the meantime, Avi and Jad combat for the tiffins while Pooja takes the fallen tiffins.

Bebika begins arguing with Falaq and Jiya too given that they guide Abhi.

at the top of the spherical, nobody gives Bebika roses whilst Avinash gets the chance to put off someone from the captaincy race.

He gets rid of Falaq from the captaincy race even by giving a diplomatic solution that he wants to deliver other humans a chance.

later on, Abhi takes Manisha to the loo and gives her recommendation on a way to play the game while she tells him that he is the hero and has to now not use such words that make him the goal of others.

Manisha and Avinash are contenders for captaincy!
The third spherical starts offevolved and Manisha sends Avinash out at the same time as telling Jad to provide two qualities of himself.

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the scholars tell Manisha to translate his words and chuckle while she struggles with translating the phrase Humble.

when Jad attempts to set out his shirt listing his abs as nice, Manisha sends him again to his seat.

Jiya does not respond to Manisha and gets kicked out of her elegance.

each Avi and Jiya fight for tiffins even after the class ends and Avi wins ultimately.
Avi gets rid of Pooja from the captaincy mentioning that he wishes Jad to have some other chance at captaincy.

later on, Bebika sits with Manisha and tells her that Abhishek does not speak approximately her the method he talks to Manisha and states that she herself has heard Abhi talking about her own family and her upbringing to different contestants.

Bebika begins her class within the subsequent spherical and Avinash, Falaq, Jiya, and Abhishek ignore her whilst doing their own silliness.

They maintain to omit her whilst Bebika tries to get their attention.

at the quit of the assignment, Jad and Pooja provide two roses to Bebika every at the same time as Jiya receives the threat to get rid of someone from the race.

Jiya tells Jad that she loves him however gets rid of him from the captaincy race reasoning that he’s too diplomatic and isn’t always gambling the game.

in the long run, Bigg Boss asks Bebika and Manisha what number of roses they have gotten and Manisha wins over Bebika.

Bigg Boss pronounces that the 2 contenders for captaincy are Manisha and Avinash.

Later, Bebika rants to Jad at the same time as Abhi sits to have dinner with Manisha and tells her that he wants to see her come to be a captain before Avinash.

alternatively, Avi asks Jad if he’s mad at Jiya and he says that he is not disappointed but he’s indignant that she did not pick him as a result of his international relations.

Jad is disappointed in Jiya
Manisha tells Abhi that Jiya removed Jad because she knew Jad could now not tell her something at the same time as Avinash could have chewed her out if she had now not stored him.

Jiya attempts to speak to Jad but he tells her that he is dissatisfied.

She starts talking to Avi and Falaq announcing that Jad is overreacting even as Falaq supports Jad announcing that everybody has different ways to publish themselves.

At night, Falaq sits with Jad and talks to him while he tells her how Jiya portrayed Avi as a bad buddy in front of him and then chose him over Jad which disappointed him.

Jad goes to the lawn to clean his head while Jiya comes there and confronts him.

He asks her if she desires to destroy their friendship and he or she tells him that she can not damage relationships that without problems.

She motives that she is also boiling with anger every time he talks to Bebika at the same time as Jad calmly tells her that he isn’t ok with what passed off nowadays.

She begins speaking to him annoyingly while telling him that she gave him the placement of her father whilst she doesn’t have a father.

He additionally tells her that he placed her subsequent to his daughter.

Jiya tells him that Shankar isn’t always her final call or her father’s name and that she is revealing it in front of the entire national tv.

Avi is going to talk to Jad whilst Manisha and Bebika talk approximately how the opposite institution is manipulating and using Jad’s innocence.

Jad goes to Jiya and hugs her as she cries out her feelings telling him that she cannot lose him as she has the purest bond with him.

alternatively, Pooja talks to Manisha about how she did not like Abhi, Falaq, and Avi’s reaction when they mentioned unimportant matters when Bebika used to be sobbing in front of them.

Manisha is going to Abhi and talks about what Pooja advised her while Abhi says that he did now not count on this from her.

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