Bigg Boss OTT 2 13th July 2023 Written Episode 27 Update

Bigg Boss OTT 13th July 2023 Written Update: Bigg Boss OTT Episode 27 update;

State-of-the-artwork Bigg Boss OTT 13th July 2023 episode (Day 26) begins offevolved with all of the housemates waking as a lot because the Bigg Boss anthem at the same time as Pooja Bhatt is already on the lawn collectively together along with her cup of tea.

Falaq Naaz talks to Abhishek Malhan and says how she is going to get out of the kitchen duty for the reason that people are thankless when they get ego clashes together along with her.

Manisha receives JEALOUS!
alternatively, Manisha Rani is getting prepared and dicing up the veggies at the same time as flirting with Jad Hadid who tells her that she is one of the individuals who made her keep to wanna stay in the BB residence.

At the identical time, Bebika Dhurve talks unwell about Abhishek to Pooja Bhatt who’s of the identical opinion.

Later, Jad praises Bebika and Pooja at the identical time as kissing them at the cheeks.

Bebika tells him that he must do it withinside the front of Manisha at the same time as he leaves maintaining that Manisha flirts with the flies in the residence.

later on, Manisha and Bebika are cooking at the same time as Manisha compliments Jad.

Bebika tells her that Jad kissed her cheek and Jad does it over again at the same time as Manisha tells him to no longer kiss her anymore.

He optimistically asks withinside the occasion that they have broken up at the same time as Manisha tells him in no manner.

later on, Avinash Sachdev shaves his beard whilst the housemate’s comic story that they have got gotten a brand new wildcard entry.

Avi talks to Jiya Shankar later and tells her that he was now no longer awaiting her to pick out him at the same time as she says that she had promised to pay him a decrease back.

After a whilst, Jiya and Abhi sit down and talk approximately how they do now no longer like that Jad talks to Bebika at the same time Jad motives that they have got the right to break their friendship with him and that he is not friends with Bebika but has certainly cleared matters collectively together along with her.

Jad leaves and then Abhi tells Jiya that from Jad’s factor of view, it was actually wrong of her to select Avi for the reason that Avi broke their friendship frequently the identical time as Jad changed as soon as together along with her the whole time.

Manisha becomes CAPTAIN!
withinside the evening, the housemates take a seat down as Bigg Boss broadcasts that it is time to find out who is going to win the captaincy for this week.

Avinash Sachdev and Manisha have a look at their friends whilst Bigg Boss tells handiest them to enter the hobby room.

in the activity room, Avinash and Manisha get surprised to peer 2 people.

Manisha acknowledges Aashika Bhatiya however could now no longer understands the opportunity man or woman and apologizes to him at the identical time as asking him for his name.

well-known youtube, Elvish Yadav introduces herself and jokes making Manisha snigger.

afterward, they inform Manisha and Avinash that they may be tested on a picture graph and they’ll create a meme caption for the picture graph at the same time as Elvish and Aashika is probably the judges.

at the give up of the assignment, the judges announce that Manisha has given better captions in their opinion and announce her because of the winner.

Bigg Boss announces that Manisha is the brand new captain of the residence.

New Wildcard entry!
Manisha is going out of the interesting room and hugs every person at the same time as Jiya’s feedback that no man or woman desires to hug her but she is overexcited.

Falaq begins offevolved offevolved having a verbal fight with Manisha telling her to now no longer take her name over again whilst Avi tells Falaq that he feels dissatisfied as it changed into now no longer a sincere fight.
The doorbell earrings and most of the housemates get excited guessing that Elvish and Aashika are entering as wildcards except for Falaq who makes a rude comment.

Pooja tells Elvish that Bebika has a overwhelm on him and she says that she complimented him because of the reality he talked about in her defense.

later on, Abhi and Manisha inform Elvish to be pals with anybody however no longer Bebika.

but, Manisha encourages Bebika to flirt with Elvish at the same time as Elvish tells Avi, Jiya, and Falaq that Bebika is his aunty at the identical time as Pooja is his Taiji.

Bebika and Jad get the insecure concept that Elvish is already pals with the alternative organization at the identical time as Pooja advises them to no longer think that manner because of the reality that something can exchange in the residence.

Aashika talks approximately Bebika talking nonsense to Abhi and Manisha at the same time as the comic story that Aashika has selected her enemy from the beginning.

Bebika reads Elvish whilst Manisha calls them to the dwelling place to distribute the duties.

all of the girls refuse to prepare dinner whilst Manisha says that if they’re doing this to play collectively together along with her, she is prepared to provide the cooking responsibility to boys who will make inedible meals.

Pooja convinces Bebika to address lunch duty at the same time as Manisha gives breakfast to Jiya and dinner to Falaq.

Avi, Falaq, and Jiya inform Abhi to now no longer help Manisha whilst he motives that he had helped Jiya too.

in a whilst, Elvish and Aashika determine on a snoozing association whilst Avinash and Jiya name Elvish a mixture of Bebika and Puneet film stars.

Abhi is speakme to Elvish at the same time as Jiya comes there and Elvish tells him to pick out amongst her and him whom he goals to speak to.

whilst Elvish starts offevolved sitting with Manisha and Bebika, Jiya, Avi, and Falaq begin talking sick approximately him.

At night, Avi, Abhi, Jiya, and Falaq make fun of Elvish at the identical time as Bebika wakes him up and tells him about it.

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