Bigg Boss OTT 2 15th July 2023 Written Episode 29 Update

Bigg Boss OTT 15th July 2023 Written Update: Bigg Boss OTT Episode 29 update;

Today Bigg Boss OTT 2 15 July 2023 episode (Day 28) starts with Krushna welcoming the target audience on the time without work Ka Vaar episode.

within the house, Falaq lets out her frustration in front of Pooja Bhatt approximately Bebika while Pooja mollifies her.

further, Pooja talks to Jiya about their altercation the day before today and that she has in no way used foul words in most of these weeks within the Bigg Boss house.

She gives Jiya to have a verbal exchange as soon as she feels calm and says that they are able to have a coronary heart-to-coronary heart if she needs it.

Avinash gets known as “Bewakoof Ka Baccha”
even as Falaq consoles Jiya whilst Jiya says that she wants to shield the little girl interior her.

in the meantime, Bebika, Elvish, and Abhishek Mallhan are sitting together in the kitchen region.

As Elvish talks to Bebika about her life in Dubai, Avinash passes by way of and Elvish’s phrases irks Avinash and then Avinash begins an issue with Elvish.

Avinash gets heated up whilst Elvish handles the state of affairs evenly.

all the housemates gather around them and silence the 2 of them, but, Elvish calls Avinash “Bewakoof Ka Baccha” which gears up Avinash again.

Pooja and Jiya end up buddies!
in the meantime, Pooja and Jiya sit collectively to talk about the difficulty between them.

Pooja explains to Jiya what she said while she was given agitated and at the stop they hug each different resolving the troubles among them.

within the lawn place, Jad Hadid is talking to Avinash approximately Jiya that he likes how Jiya eats or she talks or he likes him all.

but, Hadid realized that Jiya ought to be younger than him, and can be around 21 years or 22 years antique.

Manisha and Bebika’s catfight
Manisha Rani is taking her dinner out, and Bebika passes a crude remark at her approximately her being thirsty for male friendships.

Manisha shouts that Bebika doesn’t have any appreciation within the residence even as Bebika retorts again.

The fight escalates as Manish calls Bebika “whinge”, accusing Bebika referred to as her first.

in the meantime, Abhishek continues supporting Manisha that Bebika abused her first.

Pooja colleges Abhishek now not to laugh or get concerned in the fights between the two ladies.

Abhishek asks Elvish to move and console Bebika even as Elvish replies that he would not want to look poor.

The words make Abhishek snort as he watches Elvish alternate his colors after he has been near Bebika.
After a bit of chit-chat, Krushna takes 10 minutes in the course of which Manisha tells Abhishek that on account that Salman Khan isn’t always there, nobody is going to take Krushna’s suggestions critically.

Krushna returns again and right now calls Manisha out for the bitching.
He moves directly to Aashiqa and gives her the “Darshak” tag, asking Avinash to explain the meaning of it to her.

The Karela Vada Pao
within the weekend Ka Vaar, Krushna brings the assignment of “Badi Badi Baatein Vada Pao Khaate” which symbolizes that the contestants entered the house with massive claims but failed to be up to speed.

Falaq turns into the first goal of the mission wherein a clip of her is proven from the primary episode earlier than getting into the residence in which she claims to talk up the topics of situational abuse.

Krushna asks contestants to provide their opinions if Falaq stood up to her phrases which everybody denies.

Falaq is made to consume the Vada Pao which sincerely includes Karela (bitter gourd).

the subsequent victim of the assignment is Avinash, who again fails to show that his moves within the house have been similar according to his claims and as a result has to eat the vada pao.

barring Pooja, Abhishek, and Bebika, all people are made to devour the Vada Pao as the former three succeeded in doing what they claimed earlier than entering the house.

Elvish insults Jiya
whilst the highlight turns to Jiya for the venture, Elvish insults her announcing that Jiya that he does not like her in any respect as Jiya had claimed that no person is able to dislike her inside the first vicinity.

After Krushna takes his go away, Falaq and Jiya communicate approximately Elvish’s behavior even as Falaq mutters a saying in Punjabi which catches Jiya’s attention, making her laugh.

Avinash additionally apologizes to Manisha for his foul words for the duration of the communication with Krishna.

then again, Abhishek says that Pooja has the habit of diverting the subject giving the context of the assignment.

Elvish consents with Abhishek who sits with Manisha on the dining table and discusses Jad.

Manisha says that she keeps telling Jad that humans like the phrases he says in Hindi.

Krushna bids goodbye to the audience after informing them that Bharti Singh will be joining him in the day after today’s episode.

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