Bigg Boss OTT 2 16th July 2023 Written Episode 30 Update

Bigg Boss OTT 16th July 2023 Written Update: Bigg Boss OTT Episode 30 update;

The latest Bigg Boss OTT 2 16 July 2023 episode (Day 29) starts with the comic Bharti Singh dancing sensually in the Bigg Boss residence with the contestants within the music Laila most important Laila.

After a gorgeous entry, Bharti is going lower back at the stage, wherein she starts offevolved flirting with Jad Hadid after which shifts her focus to Pooja Bhatt.

inside the historical past, the romantic from Pooja’s film begins gambling, “Dil Hai Ke Maanta hi Nahi” which makes a method for Krushna Abhishek’s access inside the display.

Krushna portrays Jacky Shroff and dances with Pooja at the same time as flirting with her.

Bharti roasts Elvish
once, Krushna, could Pooja pass, Bharti places the spotlight on Elvish and roasts him announcing that he considers Avinash dull but then goes to Avinash only to get entertained.

Krushna butts in jokingly asking Elvish what form of “Sysstem” is this, making all people snicker.

moreover, Manisha receives referred to as the famous Person of the Week tag even as Jiya receives greater zeros among her and Aashiqa.

To lighten the atmosphere extra, Bharti calls Jad onto the stage to train him in a few Indian traditions.

She chooses to instruct him on the marriage night ritual of making the groom drink milk in Indian marriages.

Nishant Bhat erupts conflicts among housemates!
later on, Nishant Bhat comes on the display with an assignment for the housemates, and 2 of them are called in a pair.

One individual inside the pair has to make the opposite drink a juice from the types to be had with the labels on them like “Kadvi Zabaan”, “Paltu”, “conceited”, and “dull”.

Elvish is made to make Jiya drink the juices which erupts warmness among them.

Aashiqa gets known after Elvish while Jiya is requested to provide juices to her.

Jiya offers the dull and Kadvi Zabaan tag to Aashiqa as the latter receives rude after getting the primary tag.

Pooja receives angry when she is given the uninteresting tag after Kadvi Zabaan by Abhishek Mallhan.

The challenge comes to a quit with Manisha and Bebika making each other drink juices which include boastful, Kadvi Zaban and Paltu for Bebika even as Manisha gets Kadvi Zaban.

Bigg Boss wishes for some romance in the house!
After Krushna and Bharti bid goodbyes, they invite actress Shriya Pilgaonkar to the Bigg Boss stage who is there to promote her film “Ishq-E-Nadaan”.

Shriya brings a task with her for the housemates to erupt a few romances in the house.

Abhishek-Jiya, Avinash-Falaq, Jad-Manisha, and Elvish-Manisha are referred to as in pairs for the paper-folding dance via Shriya.

Jad and Manisha get evicted first, observed by Bebika and Elvish in the 3 rounds game.

inside the final spherical, Jiya and Abhishek win at the same time as Falaq and Avinash flavor the failure but this failure can cause success in their romantic dating, given the bonding between them.

Sumbul Touqeer Khan is again in Bigg Boss house
transferring in addition, Sumbul Touqeer Khan is welcomed into the house at the side of her co-actor Sumed in their upcoming song “Saazishein”.

Bharti and Krushna tease Sumbul with Shalin and Tina’s names asking if she recollects the Bigg Boss house.

Sumbul makes a face even saying that she misses the Mandali and later dances as requested through Bharti.

After the performance, Sumbul proclaims that she has an undertaking up her sleeve for the contestants wherein they are made to put on the surprise band and given modern-day for every “sure”.

Abhishek will become the villain
Aashiqa is made to put on the band even as Abhishek has to reply to the questions with yes or No.

He says sure when asked if Aashiqa is picture-conscious and Aashiqa receives hurt no longer solely by means of the shock but the opinion additionally.

For every question, Abhishek says sure barring the one no matter seeing Aashiqa crying in ache which portrays him as an insensitive man or woman.

Pooja faculties Abhishek that on occasion to save the opposite character from aching, they ought to lie.

Bebika and Jiya are referred to as next and Jiya answers all the questions negatively like if Bebika is jealous of Manisha without two questions.

Elvish turns into the personal assistant of the housemates
similarly, Bharti and Krushna announce that it’s the time to activate the Bigg Boss verse for which they name Elvish and Aashiqa and ask them to praise themselves and factor out the flaws of the alternative.

afterward, the contestants are asked to pick one assistant among Aashiqa and Elvish whom they are able to ask to do their personal chores as well as the obligations given to them too.

The contestants get excited as they honestly want Elvish to be the assistant.

Pooja will become angry seeing all of us so excited without acknowledging the condition of Aashiqa. The reasoning of contestants to make an assistant does not settle along with her.

Elimination time
Krushna gives three Veto cards to Captain Manisha who can help Elvish if he feels unjustified in the course of his tenure of supporting the housemates.

similarly, comfort spreads over the contestants whilst Bharti and Krushna announce that there is no elimination.

the 2 hosts take their depart whilst Pooja consoles Aashiqa within the kitchen.

Pooja’s anger burst on Falaq as she could be very unsettled by way of what she witnessed in advance even as deciding on an assistant undertaking.

Falaq gets disturbed by the cruel phrases and Bebika consoles her.

in the meantime, Aashiqa is getting consoled by everybody and Abhishek also apologizes to her and offers his words of information.

later on, he teases Falaq announcing that Bigg Boss has to have observed something brewing up between her and Avinash.

Falaq is blushing while Abhishek enjoys his teasing.

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