Bigg Boss OTT 2 18th July 2023 Written Episode 32 Update

Bigg Boss OTT 18th July 2023 Written Update: Bigg Boss OTT Episode 32 update;

Today Bigg Boss OTT 2 18th July 2023 episode (Day 31) starts with all the housemates waking as much as a happy track as they wake up and go to the garden to bounce.

Elvish Yadav and Pooja Bhatt communicate about how she stopped Falaq Naaz when she attempted to intrude in Elvish and Jiya Shankar’s fight.

Abhi-Manisha’s teasing!
on the other hand, Abhishek Malhan teases Bebika Dhurve asking her if she has to give a bulk order for all her sparkly clothes whilst she jokes lower back sarcastically telling him that she has been wearing stars for the reason that she was carrying diapers.

He tells her that he will take instructions from her on how to grow adorable relationships within the residence and is going to tease Aashika Bhatia.

At the equal time, Falaq and Jiya are talking approximately Abhi liking Aashika while Jiya says that she didn’t assume he liked that kind of woman.

Falaq asks him what her ability is while Jiya starts guffawing nervously as she says that she doesn’t suppose Aashika is sensible.

Later, Elvish starts offevolved a fire between Manisha Rani and Bebika with the aid of taking the famous personal clip that Bebika gave to Manisha from her and returning it to Bebika.

but, Pooja intervenes telling them to now not to be childish and cost the thing that was once given to them with the aid of a person else as she returns the celebrity clip to her.

Bebika later cooks even pronouncing that if there’s romance between her and Elvish, it will be a mature soul form of love.

Manisha makes Bebika jealous
at the equal time, Manisha comes there retaining Elvish’s hand in order to make Bebika jealous.

Later, Bebika and Elvish take a seat and talk even as Manisha and Abhi see them and talk approximately them.

Bebika and Elvish go and take a seat with Pooja and Aashika while Manisha and Abhi go to sit with them.

Manisha tells Elvish to feed her together with his very own palms while he says that Manisha and Bebika must patch up.

Aashika laughs telling Manisha and Elvish to not balk whilst Manisha tells her later that she does no longer sense cozy after they make laugh at her in front of a person who isn’t their pal.

Later, Bigg Boss calls all the housemates into the living region and tells them that the hungry lion escaped and brought refuge in their hobby room.

At times, the contestants become the lion’s meal them Abhi carries something from the storage room.

He brings the lockets with the contestant’s faces on them whilst Bigg Boss tells them that the contestant whose face is on the locket will depend upon the man or woman carrying the locket.

The nomination mission turns the tables!
There could be six rounds and on the end of every siren, the one who wishes to appoint their assigned locket housemate can come ahead and feed the stated contestant to the Bhookha Sher.

Pooja Bhatt and Bebika Dhurve get every different’s locket even as Falaq Naaz receives Elvish’s locket.

Avinash receives Aashika Bhatia, Elvish gets Avinash, Aashika receives Jad Hadid, Jad gets Jiya Shankar, Jiya receives Abhishek Malhan and Abhi get Falaq.
inside the first round, Falaq nominates Elvish pronouncing that he is impolite along with his words and crosses his line.

Elvish sits inside the lion’s mouth even as nothing takes place and he stands up.

Abhi affects Jad Hadid telling him that he would have clearly stored Jiya if he had her locket.

He is going directly to try to influence Bebika, Falaq, and Jiya telling them to appoint their locket contestants.

Manisha tells Jad that she is trying to persuade Aashika to no longer nominate him while Aashika and Abhi inform him to appoint Jiya.
At the identical time, Bebika and Avinash Sachdev try to persuade Jiya to appoint Abhi reasoning that he wishes for a fact test.

inside the subsequent round, Avi nominates Aashiqa reasoning that he would not get what she is making an attempt to do.

Does Jad turn on Jia?
Later, Pooja talks to Jad and tells him that what Abhi said about Avi is real for him as he solely fights with girls.

Abhi fights with Bebika as she continues on telling him that he has more fans than her.

Later, Abhi tells Jiya that his heart may be hurt if she nominates him.

in the next spherical, Elvish nominates Avi with the motive that he likes Falaq and that Avi may be a thorn in his direction.

everybody laughs at the reasons at the same time as Manisha goes out of doors and jokes that Elvish is flirting with 4 people straight away.

Jad tells her that she has no hazard with Elvish whilst Pooja says that she and Elvish are in an open dating.

Aashika nominates Jad and says that she wants Jad to play the game as a game and not do the friendship sport with Jiya.

Avi starts talking stupidly approximately Elvish at the same time as Bebika laughs telling Falaq that Elvish has wakened Avi.

Bebika tells Jiya that Jad will in reality begin his sport if he nominates her these days.

in the subsequent round, Jad nominates Jiya and tells the other housemates that that is to disclose to them that irrespective of what takes place they will usually be buddies.

Jad thanks Abhi for influencing him while Abhi motives that only the ones get inspired who have think of it in their minds.

Bebika talks to Falaq and tells her that Manisha is making an attempt to emotionally control Elvish into a romantic attitude with her.

inside the final spherical, Abhi nominates Falaq.

Bigg Boss declares that the nominated contestants are Falaq, Jiya, Jad, Avi, Aashika, and Elvish.

At night time, Jiya asks Jad if he took revenge on her and he tells her that he also desired her to be surprised.

Pooja learns that Bebika bent Abhi’s image while Manisha argues with Bebika over food.

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