Bigg Boss OTT 2 19th July 2023 Written Episode 33 Update

Bigg Boss OTT 19th July 2023 Written Update: Bigg Boss OTT Episode 33 update;

Today Bigg Boss OTT 2 19th July 2023 episode (Day 32) begins with all of the housemates waking up to an active tune as they visit the lawn and dance.

Falaq Naaz comes to the kitchen and talks to Avinash Sachdev even as he teases her.

She laughs telling him that he needs to be taunted whilst Manisha Rani comes there and makes her coffee ignoring them.

Elvish roasts Falaq!
further, Elvish Yadav, Manisha Rani, and Aashika Bhatia are speakme at the same time as Pooja Bhatt calls Aashika to her.

Manisha and Elvish speak about how the family individuals are their angels.

Elvish says that he likes Falaq plenty given that she is the primary but from the bottom of the housemate ranking.

Aashika returns and Elvish tells her that she must wear conventional outfits considering she looks good in the ones.

She will-known shows she does not have any clothes even as Manisha gives her outfits.

then again, Pooja talks to Avi and tells him how Abhishek Malhan and Elvish argue towards solely with women.

Later, Elvish gets lazy with paintings reasoning that he does not see any want for it at the same time as Avi tells him which the dust is.

Abhi gives Avi and Falaq his reason for nominating Falaq even as Avi says that he does not suppose it is justified.

Jad Hadid later tries to flirt with Aashika while Elvish tells him that he’s already hitting on Aashika.

Elvish ki Satta!
Abhi and Elvish sit down with Jad and later tell him that Manisha is really worrying for him while he tells them that he unearths Manisha 2-confronted.

Later, Bigg Boss calls all of the housemates for an assembly and publicizes that Elvish’s punishment is over.

Bigg Boss exhibits that Elvish goes to rule due to the fact that he’s the new dictator of the residence.

Avi reads from the commands telling the housemates that Elvish is a merciless and selfish dictator who will make all of the housemates work.

There may be 3 rounds in which Elvish will sit on his throne within the garden and dictate what the housemates did incorrectly.

At the end of every spherical, Elvish gives a call for the video of shame who will sit down on any other chair for them and will reward Elvish even as insulting themselves.

Falaq is going to the dressing location and complains about Elvish to Aashiqa who says that some human beings aren’t right to her while others are not right to Falaq and that it is the residence’s policy.

amusing undertaking held by using Elvish the Dictator
in the first round, Elvish tells Jiya Shankar that she takes an excessive amount of time to prepare dinner whilst Bebika Dhurve cooks too much.

He also scolds Falaq, Abhi, and Jad while selecting Falaq for the video of disgrace.

Elvish makes her speak in order that she sits and does not do anything while Falaq refuses to mention such things.
Abhi and Bebika tell him to make it more exciting and Elvish tells her to kingdom that she loves Avi.

Falaq repeats it and receives shy while Elvish tells her the kingdom that she loves Elvish greater.

Falaq additionally repeats that Jiya is a snake and can chunk everybody.

Elvish continues telling Falaq to repeat his phrases and talks sick about other contestants.

similarly, Elvish tells Jad to reduce an apple for him while Jad says that he has an allergic reaction to apples.
Pooja advises Jad to get achieved any challenge given to him.

Jiya adds cleaning soap to water and offers it to Elvish to drink while she is going to Avi and jokes approximately it.

in the meantime, Elvish reveals the water bizarrely and asks Manisha to taste it.

Manisha additionally makes a face and tells Elvish that there may be soap or handwash in it.

Elvish goes to the lawn and demands Jiya to drink it whilst she reasons that the glass must no longer had been cleaned well and that she does not drink someone else’s water.

They both get into a big argument while Avi goes to Falaq and tells her approximately the drama.

Jiya goes to Falaq and says that she had a controversy with Elvish at the same time as Falaq tells her that she needs to have brought any meal item in place of soap.

Elvish-Jiya fight!
hearing this, Jiya is going and apologizes to him pronouncing that she simply desired to tease him.

Later, Elvish tells Avi to do the dishes even as Avi keeps making excuses.

Abhi tells Jiya that he wants to make Elvish captain.

the second round begins and Elvish points out the housemate’s mistakes even as deciding on Avi for the video of disgrace.

He does not write what is written on the board at the same time as Elvish and Avi get into an issue.

Avi stands up from his chair and starts offevolved stalking Elvish at the same time as the housemates calm him.

Manisha calms Elvish telling him to maintain telling Avi to talk as the audio might be aired in any case.

in the third round, Elvish chooses Aashika to take a seat inside the video of shame and makes her repeat his sentences whilst Falaq and Avi sulk.

Later, Elvish sits with Jiya and Avi looking to convince them to do their responsibilities but they don’t agree making Elvish angry.

At night, Jiya subsequently begins doing the dishes whilst complaining that she can’t do it alone.

Aashika comments on it causing Jiya to argue along with her.

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