Bigg Boss OTT 2 20th July 2023 Written Episode 34 Update

Bigg Boss OTT 20th July 2023 Written Update: Bigg Boss OTT Episode 34 update;

Ultra-modern Bigg Boss OTT 2 20th July 2023 episode (Day 33) begins with Jiya Shankar’s status in front of Falaq Naaz and Avinash Sachdeva.

Jiya offers them a cheeky smile whilst Avi tells Jiya that he is just giving her a recommendation approximately how to finish her assignment.

He even claims that he did not call her right here and Falaq also nods with Avi.

while Jiya enters the kitchen, Manisha Rani shows Jiya make paratha for them.

At the identical time, Falaq again calls Jiya’s call but as Jiya looks at her, she refuses immediately.

all of us appear at Jiya funnily, pronouncing that they can’t pay attention to anything regardless of Jiya’s pleading.

It makes Jiya mad so she is going to the lawn on her own and starts offevolved screaming angrily.

listening to this, all of us gather in the garden and Abhishek Malhan begins chanting Hanuman Chalisa which makes everybody snicker.

in the meantime, Elvish Yadav, Abhishek, and Manisha are chatting within the nook.

Avinash receives a secret undertaking!
Elvish shows that he desires to flirt with Falaq even as Abhishek jokes he desires to flirt with Aashika Bhatia.

whereas Jiya looks at Jad Hadid with sad eyes so Jad additionally continues looking at her.

Manisha attire up as a witch and Abhishek places her on his shoulder to roam across the residence.

in the period in between, Avinash gets stuck with a secret assignment in which he can prevent Elvish from becoming a captain by using doing an assignment.

Bigg Boss tells Avinash that the target audience is loving Elvish’s dictatorship so they shall retain it.

Jiya desires to make Elvish eat something cooked by her while Falaq wishes to give Elvish a head massage for 5 minutes.

meanwhile, Avinash wishes to preserve throwing tantrums in front of Elvish.

Jiya begins buttering Elvish around so that it will get him to eat food but Elvish continues declining.
while Elvish’s dictatorship starts offevolved once more, he orders Avinash to face in line however he refuses.

Elvish then orders Abhishek to take a seat at the chair and he puts his own phrases on Abhishek’s mouth.

Falaq and Jiya aid Avinash!

Abhishek says that his performance during the remaining removal was not diplomatic, as an alternative it was influential.
on the other hand, Jiya maintains rubbing her cupcakes in front of Elvish, hoping he is taking a chunk as it’s miles part of the name of the game mission!

whilst Elvish comes into the residence, Abhishek attempts to warn him approximately Avinash’s tantrum being a mystery task.

meanwhile, Avinash tells Pooja Bhatt and Bebika approximately his mystery assignment one after the other.

Jiya and Falaq ultimately successfully complete their project by way of giving him a head rubdown and food.

in the meantime, Avinash goes to the captaincy room and eliminates Manisha’s plug, claiming she is unfit for captaincy.

He additionally gets rid of Aashika Bhatia’s captaincy plug.

Manisha, Abhishek, and Aashika are certain of Avinash’s gang is up to a few kinds of undertaking otherwise they must now not be great.

Falaq then tries to carry absolutely everyone out of the house with the aid of faking finding a snake underneath the sofa but no one falls for her prank.

in the interim, Pooja tries to warn Abhishek approximately Avinash but Abhishek doesn’t pay attention.

Later, Avinash makes amusing of Elvish during his subsequent dictatorship round while sitting on the throne.

Abhishek and Bebika combat once more, she CRIES!

whereas Abhishek makes a comment about Bebika Dhruve’s father and Bebika starts crying.

inside the period in-between, Avinash requests Falaq to take every person out of the doors so he can enter the undertaking room.

when you consider that only Elvish is roaming within the corridor, Falaq takes him away to chit-chat with him.

Avinash throws Jiya out of captaincy by means of pulling her plug.

Later, Bigg Boss assembles every person in the hall to expose Avinash’s mystery venture.

Bigg Boss well-known shows that three Aashika, Manisha, and Jiya are out of this week’s captaincy race, and seeing that Avinash has effectively finished the undertaking, no person’s video of shame might be uploaded on social media.

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