Bigg Boss OTT 2 21st July 2023 Written Episode 35 Update

Bigg Boss OTT 21st July 2023 Written Update: Bigg Boss OTT Episode 35 update;

Modern Bigg Boss OTT two 21st July 2023 episode (Day 34) starts with all the housemates waking as much as the latest track that makes them visit the garden and dance.

Elvish Yadav complains to Abhishek Malhan approximately Avinash Sachdev’s hypocrisy since he himself takes up lots of region on the bed.

Abhi jokes that Avi likes him at the same time as Elvish says that he does not want this sort of likeness.

Abhi becomes Sanchalak for CAPTANCY!
Aashika Bhatia comes there and Abhi jokes that Elvish is complaining that she does not cuddle with him.

She tells them that her cuddles may be very pricy for them making each of them snigger.

similarly, Abhi, Elvish, and Aashika communicate about the captaincy and kingdom that they would love Pooja Bhatt to be the captain of all of the contenders for the captaincy race.

Later, Bigg Boss says that it’s time for the captaincy assignment and tells Bebika Dhurve to move and read the commands for the challenge.

in the captaincy undertaking, the individuals will acquire the clay from the center of the lawn and place them on their symptoms/boards.

The character with the maximum clay at the end of every spherical will be introduced to the winner and the winner gets to put off one character from the race.

Abhishek could be the coordinator for the venture while Manisha Rami, Jiya Shankar, Aashika Bhatia, Elvish Yadav, and Abhi himself can be able to take part in the task by using casting off the clay from the contestants.

similarly, Abhi makes Bebika apologize to him or even do sit-united states of America while telling her that he will help her in the venture.

The project starts and Jiya begins doing away with the clay from Bebika’s sign whilst Manisha and Elvish start getting rid of clay from Falak Naaz’s signal.

Aashika removes the clay from Avinash Sachdev’s signal at the same time as he warns her that he will fight again if he interrupts him.

He pushes her and he or she shouts at him telling him to now not get bodily inside the challenge.

Manisha continues supporting Jad Hadid despite the fact that he ignores her even as Abhi tells him that only Manisha is helping him.

Jad emotionally manipulates Abhi telling him that their friendship is over while Abhi stops announcing that he’s going to no longer dispose of clay from his sign anymore.

within the first challenge, Jad becomes the winner and eliminates Falaq from the race reasoning that he desires to give a risk to people who have now not come to be captains yet.

Abhi and Elvish communicate about Jad even as Manisha tells Jad to awareness of placing clay on his sign.

Does Jad get targeted?
He tells her that he does not like her anymore at the same time as Abhi tells Jad that he should no longer use different people’s feelings to win the venture.

Jad motives are that Abhi is the one who is sensitive and that he ruined their friendship with the aid of eliminating clay from his sign.

the second round starts Jad keeps sulking while the clay from his signal gets eliminated.
He even flips off Abhi who gets disillusioned with the aid of it and finally makes up his mind to interrupt his friendship with Jad.

Pooja wins the second round and eliminates Bebika from the project.
Abhi confronts Jad who keeps on brushing off the verbal exchange like he would not care.

Manisha takes Abhi to the aspect and tells him to guide Pooja.

an argument ensues between Avinash and Abhishek by virtue of Avi physically pushing Aashika.

inside the third round, Avinash receives removed by using Pooja.

Manisha takes Elvish to the facet and praises him at the same time as Abhishek comes there and asks them what they’re speakme approximately seeing them together.

They speak about the opportunity of Pooja making Jad the captain and they ask her while she states that she won’t do the sort of thing.

The ultimate spherical begins and Avi, Falaq, Bebika, and Jiya start disposing of clay from Pooja’s signal whilst Aashika and Elvish get rid of the clay from Jad’s sign.

Pooja will become the new captain!
Manisha tells Jad that she loves him extra than Pooja however she wants Pooja to become the captain and gets rid of the clay from his signal.

in the closing round, Abhi makes Pooja the winner with the reasoning that despite the fact that Jad has extra clay on his board, his sign is not seen.

Pooja removes Jad’s picture as Bigg Boss broadcasts that Pooja is the new captain.

Bebika goes to Jiya and Avi and tells them that Pooja’s victory appears faux while Avi laughs at that.

Aashika talks to Abhi and Elvish about the rudeness of Avi.

in the evening, Abhi, Manisha, Elvish, and Aashika are swimming inside the pool as they convince Pooja and Bebika to return internally too.

Falaq is about to tease Manisha for the reason that she is sitting on Abhi’s lap however receives interrupted by the hoop from BB because the ration has been despatched.

The housemates gush approximately the quantity of ration even as Pooja states that everyone ought to get it when you consider that it’s miles a popular ration.

Manisha talks to Elvish approximately Jad feeling upset that she eliminated his clay whilst Elvish tells her that she must no longer speak to him seeing the method he treats her.

At night time, Avi complains approximately Abhi to Pooja and tells her that ordinarily, everybody behaves otherwise along with her.

inside the Lenskart task, the contestants will pick specs for themselves and dance in companies.

The groups are Jiya-Manisha-Jad, Bebika-Abhishek-Aashika, and Avinash-Falaq-Elvish.

in the end, the first crew wins the assignment.

Bebika and Abhi talk at night time approximately the state of affairs with Jad.

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