Bigg Boss OTT 2 23rd July 2023 Written Episode 37 Update

Bigg Boss OTT 23rd July 2023 Written Update: Bigg Boss OTT Episode 37 update;

Today Bigg Boss OTT 2 23rd July 2023 episode (Day 36) begins with Salman Khan welcoming the target audience in the time without work Ka Vaar episode.

all the housemates gather inside the living place to meet Salman Khan.

As Salman Khan greets the contestants, he begins talking approximately the coordination & friendship of a number of the housemates.

He meets them all via the massive display screen and attempts to talk about the groups that have been formed.

Salman questions Manisha as to who’s the captain of their organization at the same time as Manisha answers that everyone is equal.

He then involves the topic of everyone showing their real shades and questions Jiya if she feels Jad has been treating her in another way or not.

Manisha is a hypocrite
Salman Khan talks about Manisha’s hypocrisy in calling Jiya dull however finding Aashika interesting who’s not much less than Jiya.

He mentions some of the real bonds in the house which consist of Pooja Bhatt and Bebika, Falaq and Jiya, Avinash and Falaq.

Pooja says that she is not a part of any group and shares some bonds with her housemates right here.

Coming to Falaq, Salman confronts her about telling Avinash that she might not even meet him after the show.

Falaq explains the context of her phrases but Salman corrects her by means of enlightening her approximately the meaning of her words.

Salman faculties Jad
Salman corners Jad for the trade in his behavior in the direction of Jiya after the revelation of her age to him.

when Salman talks to Jad Jad tries to explain himself that he does not talk approximately each person at the back of their back but additionally tells of their face also.

Jad confesses that he isn’t there to win the display which surprises Salman.

After educating, Jad about how he is slacking in his duties and relationships, Salman takes a ruin.

Jiya and Jad speak approximately being distant from every other and Jiya advises him to suppose a zillion instances earlier than giving someone this sort of essential tag in his existence as they shall be craving for it in truth.

Abhishek and Elvish roasts contestants
Salman comes again and publicizes that Jad, Falaq, and Avinash are the lowest 3 contestants.

He asks the contestants to vote out one of the bottom three on the basis of their efforts to win the show.

all the contestants vote out Falaq and Salman asks her to leave the residence.

Afterwards, Salman calls Abhimanyu and Elvish for the roasting sessions wherein Elvish roasts Aashika for dancing on Manisha’s palms.

He says that Jiya has the misconception that she appears beautiful after making use of make-up.
however, Abhishek roasts Avinash saying that Avinash is the captain of the ship who’s ignorant of the fact that pirates have already robbed his delivery.

one in every one of them roasts Pooja pronouncing that if Pooja marries her husband could get a mom as opposed to a spouse.

Krushna in the residence
After the roasting sessions end, Krushna makes rocking access at the level.

He entertains the contestants together with his jokes and flirting with Pooja Bhatt.

further, Krushna makes the contestants do a challenge where they’re asked the questions and in the event that they answer otherwise they’re bathed in a mini shower.

Abhishek and Manisha are called collectively, accompanied by way of Elvish and Bebika.

Krushna asks Elvish and Bebika if Abhishek has grown to be diplomatic after Elvish’s entry into the residence to which they both say yes.

Thuggesh greets the Sallu Bhai
Salman invitations Thuggesh on the degree who is Abhishek’s buddy from the Youtube community.

Thuggesh greets everyone and talks to Abhishek openly, advising him to stick with his organization and stay away from mean humans like Jiya.

but, Jiya proves her friendship whilst asked to spark off the BB verse wherein she chooses Abhishek’s captaincy some of the preferences given to her.

Himanshi Mehta, a BB fan, is likewise taken on the video name and questions Manisha for buying too worried in the rely on exchanging beds.

She asks Manisha if she is jealous of Jiya and Abhishek’s increasing friendship.

Manisha replies that the suspicion is inaccurate even as explaining the motive at the back of her moves.

The fan tells Abhishek and Jiya that they look good together and leaves then.

Double removal?!
Salman pranks the contestants announcing there is a double elimination.

Afterward, Abhishek talks to Avinash about how he is feeling approximately Falaq’s exit.

Avinash confesses that he hasn’t made that form of with everybody in two years which he shared with Falaq.

Jad and Jiya additionally communicate approximately their remember while Jiya gets emotional approximately Falaq’s go out later on.

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