Bigg Boss OTT 2 24th July 2023 Written Episode 38 Update

Bigg Boss OTT 24th July 2023 Written Update: Bigg Boss OTT Episode 38 update;

The latest Bigg Boss OTT 2 24th July 2023 episode (Day 38) begins with all of the housemates waking up as much as excellent music making their mood enhance.

Aashika Bhatia talks about how Jad Hadid scolded her annoyedly about eggs even though they had been from their component while Pooja Bhatt tells her to be calm as she will be able to give an explanation for it to him.

in the meantime, Elvish Yadav and Abhishek Bhatia tease Aashika at the same time as Bebika Dhurve jumps into the pool with Jad Hadid and Avinash Sachdev.

Ashika confronts Jad!
but, she realizes that she by accident forgot to take away her mic and concerns at the same time as Jad tells her to relax.

Elvish teases Aashika telling her that she must additionally wear shorts even as she tells him that she will wear anything she needs.

in addition, Pooja distributes the eggs lightly even as Abhi tells Jad that he does not speak approximately different people’s meals behavior as its disrespectful.

Later, Abhi, Elvish, Manisha Rani, and Aashika are sitting collectively whilst Elvish and Aashika get into a teasing banter.

then again, Jad complains to Jiya Shankar and Avi about how he desired equality for the housemates that’s why he comments on Aashika’s egg consumption as she forgets.

Avinash says that it’s miles stupid to speak approximately food and argue while Bigg Boss calls all of us into the residing area.

Angels VS Devils in BB residence
Bigg Boss proclaims that Abhi has turned out to be an angel with different angles Jad, Manisha, and Avinash whilst Elvish has come to be a satan with Bebika, Jiya, and Aashika being the closing devils.

The devils will have to make the attitude destroy their guidelines of the method of residing which are not getting irritated, not talking loudly, now not crying, speaking officially to all of us, and the ultimate one being answering every query asked of them.

Pooja might be the venture coordinator even as Bigg Boss tells them that the venture has started.

The contestants put on their detailed headbands even as the devil team starts offevolved focused on Manisha with Bebika being the primary instigator.

Bebika starts offevolved getting crass within the venture as she starts pushing Manisha telling her to now not to touch her when you consider that she solely cares about guys in her life and has built her career owing to those men.

Manisha receives harm and cries at the same time as Abhi consoles her as he tells Bebika to no longer push Manisha and use the project as an excuse to vent her feelings.

Bebika makes Manisha cry!
alternatively, Aashika and Jiya pass and start trying to incite Avinash who would not budge.

Bebika keeps targeting Manisha stating that she isn’t always in any respect creative being a content author at the same time as Abhi tells her to address her dress.

but, Bebika accuses him of searching at her inappropriately making Abhi stroll away disappointedly.

Bebika tries to instigate Abhi however he keeps guffawing as though she is making a funny story.

Pooja reminds the devils that they can question angels but can’t order them.

Bebika tells Elvish to deal with 2 contestants however he says that he can not do such low talking.
The ends and Bigg Boss asks Pooja to show who’s the winner.

Pooja states that even though the angels showed quite a little patience but Manisha’s crying is a rule smash.
Bebika maintains insulting Manisha who shouts for the primary telling her to shut up because the venture has ended and she will show her where she belongs.

again, Bebika keeps character assassinating Manisha telling her that she is characterless.

The devils win Pizza!
alternatively, Pooja justifies her support for Bebika pointing out that if Bebika had carried out violence, Bigg Boss would have spoken up.

Abhi attempts to defend Manisha whilst Bebika tells him that he has shown his requirements with the aid of looking to cover up Manisha’s wrongdoings.

Manisha and Bebika’s argument gets heated as Manisha starts offevolved speakme about Bebika’s upbringing and how ashamed their parents will be of them.

Bebika starts arguing with tears streaming down her eyes even as Abhi keeps to defend Manisha telling him that he receives irritated if his mother and father are brought into the conversation and declaring that he is standardless too.

Abhi satirically laughs telling her that her words do now not count to him even as Elvish takes him to the lawn.

further, Abhi tells Manisha to not deliver the mother and father into the conversation while she states that she didn’t say anything insulting approximately Bebika’s dad and mom.

Bebika maintains calling Manisha cheap whilst Abhi well-known shows to Pooja, Jiya, and Avi that Bebika advised Manisha that her parents would spit on her due to the fact she has been roaming around with boys.

Jiya receives shocked hearing this and tells Bebika that she won’t guide her knowing this while Bebika says that she can not keep returning.

Manisha cries to her pal institution that Bebika started out man or woman assassinating from the beginning of the task at the same time as Jiya, Pooja, and Avi come to talk to her.

They ask her if she pushed Bebika on the lawn while all of her pal institutions monitor that it was once Bebika who drove Manisha.

Pooja tells Abhi that Manisha is making him weaker and leaves even as Abhi guarantees Manisha that she makes him stronger now not weaker.

Later, Manisha tells Elvish and Abhi that she has truly lifted her mind from Bebika and requests him to provide the hairpin that Bebika gave him again to her.

Pooja, Jiya, and Bebika experience the pizza given to them via Bigg Boss as praise while Elvish comes there and takes his pizza in order that he can percentage it with Abhi, Manisha, and Aashika.

At night, Manisha cries to herself as she states that she does now not wish to become every person’s guide and apologies to Bebika’s parents even promising to make an apology to Bebika the next day additionally.

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