Bigg Boss OTT 2 26th July 2023 Written Episode 40 Update

Bigg Boss OTT 26th July 2023 Written Update: Bigg Boss OTT Episode 40 update;

Modern-day Bigg Boss OTT 2 26th July 2023 episode (Day 39) starts offevolved with all the housemates waking up to an active song as the housemates start making their beds.

Manisha Rani tells Elvish Yadav to concentrate on her flirting as she will be able to no longer be doing it for a lengthy.

alternatively, Pooja Bhatt compliments Jiya Shankar in front of Bebika Dhurve for making the precise quantity of meals for the housemates.

Manisha flirts with Elvish!
Manisha teases Elvish telling him that if her father kicks her out of the house, he’s going to must provide her with a 2BHK flat to live in.

He tells her that he will supply her with a 4BHK flat rather than making her and Aashika Bhatia inspired.

Bebika tells Pooja that she does not need to do the cooking duty anymore at the same time as Pooja has the same opinion commenting that only her enemies stay inside the house.

Avinash Sachdev goes to Bebika and tries to console her telling her to now not to take each comment to her heart.

Bebika motives that she is just like that and tells them to consume food made by using Jiya due to the fact all people are complimenting her a lot.

in addition, Bigg Boss calls a meeting and surprises them by using saying that it’s time for the price tag To the Finale mission on the way to give one contestant the threat to move at once into the Finale.

The housemates get amazed and excited hearing it at the same time as Bigg Boss tells them that the Housemates could be divided into three groups who will carry out the Viral Video project and get votes from the viewers.

The triumphing team will cross in addition to the final ticket to the Finale venture and compete against every different.

group A includes Avinash Sachdev, Aashika Bhatia, and Jad Hadid while group B consists of Pooja Bhatt, Abhishek Malhan, and Manisha Rani.

ultimately, crew C includes Elvish Yadav, Bebika Dhurve, and Jiya Shankar.

The housemates have to talk about approximately actual things and topics within the BB house in view that it’s miles a truth show.

crew A plays first and talks to all the housemates approximately diverse subjects.

team B is going next and Abhishek starts offevolved speakme to Pooja and different housemates approximately interesting spicy subjects within the house.

Bebika says that he is being faux at the same time as Abhi tells her to not intrude in his mission.

Manisha asks Jiya approximately her equation with Abhishek whilst each Bebika and Pooja inform her that she is being fake.

Elvish wins hearts!
Manisha receives indignant and tells them that she is real like that only and that they’re pushing their false narrative on her.

Elvish tells Aashika that he could cowl a girl he cares about so other people do now not study her in a bad way. Bebika additionally helps this and jokes with Elvish that he by no means concealed her.

then again, Abhi is fortuitously speakme to Jiya and she or he says that she has visible his coronary heart.

Abhi asks her how can or not it’s even as she tells him flirtily that for the reason that he sleeps together with her, she sees his lovely face every day.

Bebika then goes to the lawn location wherein Jad and Avinash are speaking.

She tells Jad that human beings in this house are jealous of their bond and Jad consents.
Bebika urges him to tell Jiya that she is jealous of their bond however Jad states that it is clear and that they do not have to talk it out.

within the bedroom, Elvish is going to talk to Manisha and questions why she flirts with him.

He tells her that he is familiar with that she does it for amusement but outside, human beings might take it the incorrect method, and in view that he has a beloved outdoors, he would not want their bond to be portrayed as the incorrect method.

Jiya and Abhi then communicate approximately Avinash and giggle with every other.

in the bedroom, Elvish brings Bebika and asks her to rethink how she behaved with Manisha however Bebika would not budge.

Abhi also joins them even as Elvish asks if Bebika is aware of whether she is aware of if she is being proven undoubtedly or negatively.

Elvish says that he has come from out of doors and knows that the general public’s POV is that Bebika is proven negative.

Elvish then asks if Abhi got insecure while he entered however the stop, both of them hug as Elvish says that he doesn’t care whether he wins or Abhi as each of them is from the Youtube community.

ultimately, Bigg Boss pronounces group C as the triumphing shocking absolutely everyone as they think that they were better than that team.

Bebika tells Elvish that she is disappointed he would not think of her as capable to be a finalist.

Bebika disillusioned with Elvish
however, Elvish tells her that she has gotten higher opposition to disclose off her electricity to the target market.

At night, Manisha flirts with Elvish telling him that he used to be awoken by her hidden Shakira and that she is aware of he does like him.

They do not take her critically even as she cries announcing that people don’t take ladies severely who flirt.

in addition, Abhishek tells Manisha that he is giving her a dare to make Avi smile because he has been gloomy because Falaq left.

Manisha goes to him and flirts with him telling him that he seems good-looking even as Abhi maintains interrupting them.

Bebika attempts to teasingly shaggy dog story with Jad and Avinash however Pooja shuts her down telling her that she has been offensive the entire day.

Manisha confesses to Elvish.
She tells Bebika that from the moment she wakes up, she has been seeking a fight with anybody who is inclined.

Bebika leaves there even as Pooja remarks after telling her to head on and sulk about it.

meanwhile, inside the kitchen, Jiya jokingly asks Abhi if he goes to guide her at the same time as he tells her that he desires to make Elvish the winner of the project.

At the identical time, Manisha sits with Elvish him that she has honestly fallen in love with him even as she maintains giggling.

in the end, Pooja goes to Bebika and begins worrying her in hopes of having her to talk at the same time as Bebika says that she will not hear her speak to her once more.

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