Bigg Boss OTT 2 27th July 2023 Written Episode 41 Update

Bigg Boss OTT 27th July 2023 Written Update: Bigg Boss OTT Episode 41 update;

Present day Bigg Boss OTT 2 27th July 2023 episode (Day 40) starts offevolved with all the housemates waking as much as the trendy song ‘Urvashi’ as they wake up and groan as they are nonetheless sound asleep.

Bebika Dhurve goes to the garden and dances to remove her laziness while Pooja Bhatt dances within the restroom region.

Jiya’s fake attempt?
Abhi scolds Jiya Shakar teasingly that she took his towel at the same time as she states that that is why she was thinking why it was once smelling specific.

alternatively, Pooja tries to talk to Bebika but she continues feeling disillusioned that human beings criticize her food.

Abhi and Elvish Yadav come there and attempt to speak to her whilst Pooja tells them that they do not think about her worth ample to stay within the BB house.

within the kitchen, Manisha Rani tells Avinash Sachdev and Aashika Bhatia that Bebika isn’t going to get calm until she fights.

Later, Manisha tells Abhi how she likes that Elvish said that he no longer cares if Abhi wins the trophy because the trophy will come within the Youtuber network additionally.

Pooja maintains commenting on Bebika telling her to take advantage of the sleep she is capable of getting even as Bebika says that the others are torturing her.

Aashika, Manisha, Elvish, and Abhi mock Bebika as Aashika acts like Bebika and tells Abhi to no longer torture an unwell person.

Elvish in addition asks Abhi if he thinks Jiya took his towel on reason and states that he thinks she did it due to the fact she desired to portray the cute moment among them to the media and the target audience.

Abhi states that it was a very terrible tactic considering that he hates sharing his things.

Pooja and Abhi talk about their take on love at the same time as Elvish says that he hates checking his sizeable’s smartphone.

Pooja jokes mentioning that he’ll hack the device itself while Jad Hadid additionally comes there and listens to their conversation.

Abhi comes to speak to Bebika at the same time as she complains about how Elvish is judging her and suggesting to her based totally on her current courting with Manisha.

price tag to Finale Week mission!
Later, Bigg Boss calls all the housemates into the dwelling room area and talks about the challenge to win the ticket To Finale Week and states that Pooja’s captaincy ends today.

The winner from Elvish, Bebika, and Jiya Shankar can even become the captain for the week.

within the undertaking, the contenders will fight with each other to get as many toys as they could from the toy warehouse for their keep and they will promote the toys to the housemates.

The housemates may be given a Potli of pearls which they shall use as foreign money to get the toys.

Stealing is also legitimate with Avinash being the coordinator.

in the first undertaking, Manisha attempts to thieve from Bebika’s keep however Jad and Avi stop her and start criticizing her.

the second assignment starts and the contenders visit to get the toys from the warehouse while Jad stops her.

Aashika attempts to thieve even as Jad warns Jiya about it which angers her and he or she starts arguing with Aashika.
in the subsequent round, Abhi gets indignant considering Avi is protecting the pearls in his arms, and argues that it isn’t always playing truthful.

Bebika tells Abhi that he is doing incorrectly by stealing from her while Avi begins fighting with Abhi.

They both communicate approximately age and dehumanize every other.

later on, Abhi tells Manisha and Aashika to make sure that they positioned all their pearls into Elvish’s container.

at the end of the venture, Bebika is left at the back while Elvish and Jiya are tied.

no one wins
Bigg Boss leaves the choice to the housemates to decide if one of the contenders must get the price tag To Finale Week or if none of them must get it.

the general public country that the price tag has to not be given to anybody while Bigg Boss accepts the choice and ends the challenge.

later on, Pooja tells Abhi that he is a loyalist who’s looking terrible in front of the target audience for the reason that he’s doing immoral things to make his buddies win and tells him that he ought to no longer lose his cool.

in the nighttime, Abhi tells his pal institution that the project stopped suddenly in any other case Elvish might have certainly received.

Manisha reveals to them how Bebika was talking behind his lower back whilst Elvish says that she must have been a villain at her home additionally.

Pooja however jokes that the Bigg Boss introduced this assignment to get Aashika’s cardio done.

inside the night, Bebika asks Pooja if she thinks Abhi has greater prevailing capability than her at same time as Pooja seasons that she did it in view that she knows the housemates will torture her if she will become the captain.

meanwhile, Elvish and Aashika communicate about how Pooja is the most manipulative as she is being first-rate to everybody on their faces.

The housemates argue approximately meals and Manisha says that she can make her pal organization’s food and they could do theirs.

Jad later sits with Avi and tells him that Abhi is turning weak in his eyes while they communicate approximately their friendship.

He concurs even as Jad tells Avi that in Abhi, Manisha, Elvish, and Aashika’s team, the ladies are servants even as the men are being pampered.

Manisha and Aashika tease Elvish while he tells them that he is going to sleep with Bebika in the event that they don’t stop their nonsense.

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