Bigg Boss OTT 2 29th June 2023 Written Update, Episode 13

Modern-day Bigg Boss OTT two twenty-ninth June 2023 episode (Day 12) starts with Cyrus Broacha, Falaq Naaz, and Pooja Bhatt discussing why Abhishek Malhan, Akanksha Puri, and Jiya Shankar mentioned them in a bad way.

Pooja talks about how she is the most disenchanted in Abhi given that she had expected extra from him.

They discuss how fools they have been to talk about eliminations knowing that they are able to get punished for it.

Falaq also tells them that she thinks Manisha Rani is stimulated by Abhi and is flipping on Bebika Dhurve.

when the track is heard, all the housemates dance at the same time as Manisha dances with Akanksha Puri and Jiya Shankar at the same time as Pooja, Bebika, and others appearance on.

Housemates try and patch up Manisha-Bebika!
Avinash Sachdev asks Bebika if she may be buddies with Manisha once more at the same time as Bebika says that she would not assume it is viable.

Later, at the same time as Manisha is making breakfast inside the kitchen, Jad Hadid and Cyrus communicate about Bebika’s mood and the way it might be hard to be buddies with her.

Manisha tells Falaq and Pooja to concentrate on her and well-known shows how she talked with Bebika the day before today additionally thought that they are able to solve their fights.

but, Bebika only talked about other contestants which made Manisha think that she does no longer care for her.

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Manisha reveals how she attempted to talk to Bebika this morning but did now not get a reaction.

Later, Manisha is going to Abhi, and famous to him how Avinash Sachdeva was once spoken ill of him to Pooja and others.

Jiya goes to Avi and in the end, talks out their friendship problem whilst Manisha and Abhi touch upon how Jiya ought to have a little self-admire.

Bigg Boss calls them into the residing area and tells them that the groups are still identical this is Crew A AKA crew black which consists of Pooja, Avinash, Cyrus, Mansiha, Bebika, and Falaq whilst Crew B AKA Group White solely includes 4 contributors which might be Jiya, Abhishek, Akaknsha, Jad.

Manisha goes to crew White!
however, to even out the contestants, Bigg Boss tells Team Black to cast off 2 contestants while giving them time to suppose.

crew Black gives Bebika and Manisha and then Bigg Boss tells group White to choose one character.

Bebika begins flirting with Jad and calling him darling to make Manisha jealous at the same time as team White selects Manisha.

Manisha is going to crew White while Bebika goes again to crew Black.

later on, Cyrus talks about his shock at Manisha’s flip even as Bebika scoffs at her announcing that she pointed out it days earlier.

Bebika calls Manisha an infant!
Cyrus brings Manisha and Bebika to the bedroom location to talk but they come to be arguing while Bebika refuses to pay attention and receives that she harms Manisha’s emotions.
She walks out while Manisha walks after her.

Pooja, Falaq, and Avi try to calm Bebika even as Bebika complains that Manisha hit her however she might not hit her lower back due to the fact Manisha is a mixture of a woman and a baby.

alternatively, Manisha sits with Abhi and tells him that Falaq is the real snake of the BB residence.

Later, Manisha flirts with Jad and tells him that she will be there every time he requires her.

He asks her how will she French kiss him and he or she tells him that she won’t seeing that her fans out of doors will not be capable of seeing it.
later on, Bigg Boss offers any other Vico Vajradanti assignment in which the housemates will pick one person whom they assume has an awful habit and need to exchange.

Falaq VS Manisha!
whilst Manisha takes Falaq’s call, Falaq takes it in my opinion, and starts offevolved arguing with Manisha after the challenge ends.

Manisha tells Falaq to have her personal phrases at the same time as Falaq tells her to no longer be diplomatic.

at the same time, Pooja and Abhi also speak to every different and try to sort out their differences whilst he exhibits that he does not adore it when people tell him that he does not respect women.

Pooja asks him how he was given so clean about himself at the same time as telling him that she does not desire sick of him.

Manisha comes there and hugs Pooja whilst apologizing for speaking too much today.

At night time, Falaq sits with Jiya and tells her that she isn’t keeping any grudges in opposition to her.

Jiya talks about her worry from past stories while Falaq tells her that she is aware of and receives emotional pronouncing that she has had a person like that in the past.

Falaq tells her to not overthink and hugs her even as Jiya says that she does not want to lose the friendship she made right here.

later on, Pooja sits with Manisha and Abhi telling them that Falaq is not plotting along with her but that they simply have common ideas.

Manisha talks approximately how she saw Falaq’s vibe change nowadays.

Later, Manisha goes to Jad and flirts with him again and then she sits with Abhi and listens to his rants.

Jiya is going and hugs Pooja telling her that she is hugging her for the primary time besides being conscious of it.

before going to sleep, Jiya thanks Jad and tells him that each one of the good stuff have come about nowadays only due to him.

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