Bigg Boss OTT 2 2nd August 2023 Written Episode 47 Update

Bigg Boss OTT 2nd August 2023 Written Update: Bigg Boss OTT Episode 47 update;

Modern Bigg Boss OTT 2 2nd August 2023 episode (Day 46) starts with all of the housemates waking up and dancing to the tune.

further, Bebika Dhurve talks to Pooja Bhatt approximately Dimple making her reconcile with Abhishek Malhan, Elvish Yadav, and Manisha Rani.

Pooja advises her to forgive Elvish first and Manisha closes whilst Bigg Boss publicizes that it is time for Dimple to go away.

Dimple offers her celebrity to Elvish and bids the housemates goodbye.

similarly, Bigg Boss pronounces that Bebika will be the supervisor for the rest of the venture.

Bebika makes Jad Hadid the receptionist while Jiya Shankar and Pooja prepare dinner with the rest being people.

the next visitor is Jiya’s mother, Surekha which makes Jiya rush to hug her.

Jiya’s mom clears the air!
Surekha greets all of us with a tinge of humor and later clarifies to Jiya that she used the word father parent and is no longer a father.

Jiya cries feeling relieved says that Jad’s confidence had made her doubt herself on whether she commented on someone’s personal existence.

Surekha tells her how she knows Jiya will never do that and talks approximately how lots Jiya has long passed via.

Bigg Boss broadcasts that it’s time for Surekha to depart and she offers her big name to Pooja earlier than leaving.

Abhi talks to Elvish and talks approximately how he thinks Avinash Sachdev was greater deserving of the celebrity than Pooja.

Jiya comes there and smiles telling them that she showed if she said father determine or father.

BB OTT 2 contestants cross big name-struck seeing Mahesh Bhatt
Elvish tells her that she needs to express regret to Jad whilst Jiya states that she did nothing incorrect.

the subsequent guest to enter the BB residence is Pooja’s father, Mahesh Bhatt.

He greets all the housemates with kisses advert hugs at the same time as telling Manisha to no longer talk as they will converse through silence.

Bebika laughs even as making a loud clapping spherical and he talks to all of the contestants for my part whilst giving them existence training together with his existence examples.

Pooja takes him interior and sits him on the sofa inside the residing room region while the housemates ask them what provider he would like from the BB residence.

He refuses to do all of the carrier except for dancing pointing out that it will likely be unique.

similarly, Mahesh sits with Manisha and tells her that she is a gorgeous entertainer and a good content creator however humans look for their soul and authentic humanity in them after a while.

He continues patting her head as she tells him that she feels lucky to have gotten his advice and meet him.

Bigg Boss announces that it is time for Mahesh Bhatt to leave and Pooja tells him to provide his famous person wisely.

Elvish goes EMOTIONAL!
Mahesh gives the star to Bebika as she tells him and Pooja that she loves them.

Pooja walks him to the go-out door at the same time as she asks him if she is doing accurately.
He tells her that she is doing a phenomenon and tells her that she has grown interior while Pooja jokes that her lifestyle modified after he came to Bigg Boss to meet Sunny Leone in the past.
For the next round, Avinash becomes the receptionist at the same time as the guest Elvish’s father.

Bigg Boss welcomes Ram Avatar Yadav at the same time as the housemate’s screen that they predicted Elvish’s mother to come.

Ram teases Elvish saying that he loves him too and should be welcomed at the same time as Elvish hugs him.

Ram greets the housemates and Manisha makes coffee for him at the same time as he thanks you Abhi for taking care of Elvish and exhibits the genuine which means of Elvish’s call.

Later, Elvish talks to his father approximately the out of doors subjects but he tells him to consciousness on the sport interior.

meanwhile, Manisha stands with Jad and Avinash who keeps to funny story about the way she seems inside the reflection.

Elvish calls Manisha to speak at the same time as she feels satisfied at being referred to.

BB residence will become a fortune-telling region!
She asks Ram if he’s strict and he tells her that he has come right here to speak and have fun and not as a professor.

He tells Manisha that her stand isn’t always clean in the sport even as she nods and maintains laughing.

Later, Elvish massages his father’s hand whilst Avi and Jad speak approximately Jiya while BB publicizes it’s time for Ram Avatar to leave.

Ram gives the star to Abhi and bids the housemates goodbye after which Manisha tells Elvish that her father advised her to attention to him more than Jad.

Afterward, Bebika’s father, Pandit Janardhan comes and everybody surrounds him and asks him about their futures.

Jad tells Avinash that Bebika’s father’s prediction was spot on however Avinash disagrees as some things did not healthy.

After Pundit Janardhan leaves, Bigg Boss says that the reason Abhi and Pooja were given the maximum stars, they may be competing for the captaincy with an interesting project.

Later, Pooja asks Jad what he thinks approximately the Jiya topic when her mother clarified that Jiya did not say father but father parent.

however, Jad gets a little indignant and asks Pooja what is the difference between these 2.

Elvish’s advice to Manisha Rani
Elvish additionally advises Manisha to limit her phrases of planting kisses in any other case, it’s going to appear awful.

Elvish also thanks you Bigg Boss for sending his father interior as in everyday existence, he and his dad do not speak but he’s thankful for the time he was given to spend with him.

Pooja then will become a mediator between Avinash and Jiya after which they communicate directly and Avinash tells her that he desires some time to suppose.

someplace else, Abhi fees many reasons why he merits to be the winner of this show as Jad listens to him keenly.

inside the kitchen after some time, Bebika is fed Kheer with the aid of both Abhi and Elvish as a token of their apology.

Later, Abhi also makes Manisha apprehend that what Elvish said is proper on account that out of doors it might not look good and will only hamper her recreation.

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