Bigg Boss OTT 2 30th June 2023 Written Update, Episode 14

The Salman Khan-hosted show Bigg boss ott is nowadays all inside the news. Being on an ott platform, it has given it endless views as the target audience can watch it 24×7 every week. currently, episode 14 is all in the news from Thursday as a viral video click-on of Jad and Akanksha generated loads of buzz.

so as today’s episode was once. From pooja bhatt criticizing bebika drive to calling Jad, “ a bitch”, right here are the highlights of today’s episode. Jad Hadid expressed his evaluations regarding Akanksha puri with Pooja Bhatt. He asserted I’m not feeling organic approximately her anymore. From the beginning audience has witnessed Jad expressing his liking for Akanksha however after the nomination drama and Akanksha telling him I don’t need anything here inside the display, jad had to step lower back from this.
He even asked Pooja’s opinion I’m doing something wrong if I am stepping returned. To which Pooja stated, “No it’s all ok if you feel like this method”.Manisha Rani wished Jad Hadid and Falaq Namaz Eid Mubarak. but out of humanity she additionally needed Bebika dhurve and complimented each different on looking appropriate. however, their cute gesture didn’t final lengthy. Bebika Dhurve was cooking in the kitchen and Manisha Rani advised her to lower the flame however Bebika asserted, ‘I will look it through myself”. Manisha explained, “Jall raha hai”. Bebika asserted, “ yaha log jaal rahe hai”. This again acted as fuel for their broken friendship.
Abhi-Falaq devours raw greens!
Falaq offers Abhi the dare to eat a raw bottle of gourd and argues with Jad whilst Jad tells her that she’s being evil.

in the nighttime, Pooja offers Abhi every other undertaking to turn all the slips and alternate them whilst making the complete mattress and he goes to do it with Manisha’s verbal assistance.

at the identical time, Falaq comes to a decision to provide some other assignment to group B and tells Jiya, Akanksha, and Manisha to smash their make-up.

The female agrees while Pooja tells Falaq that she needs to have advised them to hand over the makeup only and goes to the women telling them to hand over the makeup to them for 3 days when they consider that she does not need to smash whatever.
Jad wants to Kiss AKanksha once more?
Falaq and Avi talk to Jad and make him experience awful after which Falaq is going and starts brainwashing Jiya additionally.

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Later, Jad is going to Abhi and tells him that he feels bad and would have liked a warming or something at the same time as Abhi tells him that it is about accepting an opportunity and now not approximately snatching something from someone.

Pooja, Fala, and Avi take a seat down with Abhi and tell him that they might have not minded if Manisha became the captain however she no longer communicates up approximately her desire.

Manisha and Akanksha strive to speak to Jad but he tells them that he is aware that they pointed out the captaincy barring him and would now not like to talk to them properly now.

later on, Jad sits with Jiya and Avi sulking even as Jiya teases him announcing that he kissed and fought with Akanksha on the equal day.

but, he tells her that he’ll kiss her again if given the possibility which makes Avi and Jiya laugh.

at the equal time, Manisha and Akanksha chuckle about how Jad would kick them away in the event that they went near him right now. Jad in among called evil because she gave Abhishek a vegetable to devour however Falaq retaliate which is what’s known as evil. Your team is evil. She cried a lot during the complete project. Manish Rani confirmed her worrisome closer to Falaq Naaz. Janta finally made Crew B the winner. other group seemed miserable on it. Then they choose Jad Hadid as their captain. but Bigg’s boss gave a threat to Abhishek Malhan thru a secret challenge. Sagaciously, he received that however housemates were now not satisfied approximately it and showed dis appointments towards it.
Jad Hadid additionally showed his anger over it and stopped speaking to Manisha and Akanksha. Abhishek stated, “ jiya flipped” as she shared interior details with talaq namaz. As for now, Jiya, Akanksha, and Abhishek are nominated for this week’s eviction.

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