Bigg Boss OTT 2 4th July 2023 Written Update, Episode 18

Today Bigg Boss OTT 2 4th July 2023 episode (Day 17) begins with Cyrus Broacha and Pooja Bhatt going to sit down on the lawn while Cyrus talks approximately how the lack of sleep and non-veg is affecting him. At eight, the tune begins blasting via the audio system which makes anybody dance again. Abhi feels Embarrassed! Bebika Dhurve tells Pooja that she nonetheless thinks Manisha Rani and Abhishek Malhan are dissatisfied with their bond. At the equal time, Jad Hadid sits with Abhi and praises him for rekindling his friendship with Bebika mentioning that he couldn’t do it.

Abhi tells him that he has now not rekindled his friendship however is letting it cross considering the fact that he’s the captain and needs to get the paintings accomplished by means of them. Later, as Manisha is speaking to Abhi, he dozes off making the sirens burst off.

The housemates rush to mock Abhi while he hides his face in embarrassment. After lunch, Bebika complains that the people are biased whilst Abhi comes there and tells Falaq to switch the food into smaller containers. Bebika goes and does it even as she and Abhi banter. Fall of captaincy! later on, the housemates go to the garden in awe of the task ornament at the same time as Bigg Boss tells them that they do now not recognize the importance of captaincy.
in the first three rounds, Abhi wins and eliminates Bebika, Cyrus, and Falaq Naaz while Avinash Sachdev wins the fourth spherical and removes Abhi from the captaincy race.

within the next spherical, Abhi removes Avi making others say that he did it out of jealousy.

Avinash wins the following spherical and gets rid of Manisha from the sport.

inside the closing round, Avinash wins and removes Pooja’s call making Jiya Shankar the new captain of the Bigg Boss residence.

Jiya nominates Pooja!
Avi tells them that he is proving his friendship to her and tells her to show all people what she is.

Bigg Boss asks Jiya whom would she want to alternate from nominated to safe contestants.

ultimately, Jiya saves herself from the nomination and puts Pooja into the nomination for elimination.

She gets rid of her nominated tag and gives it to Pooja who lightly accepts it and then Jiya is going and puts the purple tick mark on her profile image.

Manisha gets targeted!
Later, Abhi tells Jiya that he is satisfied she became the captain while Bebika tells Jad that Avi has set a terrific instance for friendship.

later on, Jiya tells Manisha that she has to sleep on her mattress best as it’s far a rule while Manisha reasons that she cannot sleep in the AC due to her medical problem.

Abhi and Bebika assist Manisha even as Jiya states that she will agree simplest if Bigg Boss offers a solution.

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Jiya starts the use of her captaincy electricity and tells Bebika that she does not want her in the kitchen duty.

Many contestants go in opposition to Jiya even as Falaq and Avinash take her away and provide an explanation to her that she should simply communicate to Manisha and quit things.

Avi takes Jiya away and tries to talk sense into her at the same time as Bebika and Manisha speak approximately how Jiya is simply looking to suppress them.

in a while, Cyrus goes and jokes approximately Jiya being strength-hungry.

Later, Bigg Boss holds an assembly in the residing vicinity and tells Jiya that this week the housemates will get individual rations.
Jiya is advised to go into the garage room and make baskets based on the rankings.

The better the guideline breaks, the lesser the scores.

Jiya offers first rank to Avinash, 2nd to Falaq, 0.33 to Jad, fourth to Abhi, 5th to Pooja, sixth to Bebika, and seventh to Cyrus.

Reasoning that she could not place Cyrus in prison, she comes to a decision to put Manisha in there.

Abhi talks to Jiya telling her that this is not proper whilst Bigg Boss states that Jiya gave the ranking on her very own and is now joining the guideline breaks to the people.

Bigg Boss tells the housemates that due to the fact they were the ones who allow Jiya to end up the captain, her choice is commonplace.

individual ration for housemates
Jad, Falaq, and Avinash pass and try to give an explanation for Jiya even though Jiya’s motives are that she became under loads of pressure and took the choice as she deemed healthy.

She places Manisha in jail telling her that she no longer does it for private motives at the same time as Manisha says that everybody sees what’s taking place.

Bigg Boss asks Jiya if she desires to give up her captaincy given that she is seemingly under stress and going crazy due to it.

Jiya tells him that he will not hear it once more even as Avinash and others snort at her.

At night, Abhi and Cyrus try and cheer up Manisha by arguing approximately who’s she sacrificing for.

Jiya comes there and watches them while Bebika comes there and brings blankets for Manisha.

Bigg Boss intervenes and asks her if she feels careworn by using seeing the dialogue in front of her mockingly.

At night time, Avinash-Jiya and Pooja-Cyrus play a challenge in which the gents may be making the rotis while the women can be guiding them.

The relaxation of the contestants might be the judges could choose the winner primarily based on their flavor.

The task ends and Avinash has made his roti while Cyrus is not even performing making the dough.

Avinash manifestly wins and the residence celebrates while Abhi and Manisha communicate about who would possibly pass subsequently.

The communique turns to them speaking about Pooja and the way real she feels about them as a contestant.

At night time, Bebika and Manisha communicate at the same time as Jiya takes the credit pronouncing that as a minimum her moves rekindled their friendship.

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