Bigg Boss OTT 2 5th August 2023 Written Episode 50 Update

Bigg Boss OTT 5th August 2023 Written Update: Bigg Boss OTT Episode 50 update;

Trendy Bigg Boss OTT 2 5th August 2023 episode (Episode 50) begins with Salman Khan introducing the show to the audience and telling them about the finale draws near.

He additionally tells the call of the first Finalist, Abhishek Malhan.

Salman Khan tells the audience to peer the drama between Avi two. Zero and Abhi and Elvish.

Avinash would not make an apology
Abhi tells Avi that something he did yesterday was a funny story however by virtue of Avinash, a ration has been given affected.

furthermore, he also tells Avi that pronouncing sorry doesn’t make a person small however Avi leaves.

After a while, Elvish again pokes Avi and asks him if has he any idea about apologizing to all people considering that he affected the ration inside the house.

however, Avi being cussed about it tells them that he’s not gonna say sorry to anybody.

in the meantime, the verbal exchange results in a totally serious argument between Elvish and Avinash.

however, Avinash keeps poking Elvish’s anger which provokes Elvish and he abuses Avi.

Jad comes in with their argument and tells them to no longer raise the residence temperature as this might be his closing night on this residence.

on the other hand, Abhi scolds Elvish to watch his tongue whilst talking as he used to be abusing Avi in front of the girls and Elvish apologizes.

After a while, Abhi is explaining Avinash’s approach to Elvish so that he doesn’t utter an unmarried bad phrase from his mouth as a substitute he instigates others to mention bad things and Elvish eventually has the same opinion to Abhi.

Later, Avi clears out his things with Elvish whilst Elvish apologizes to him for his foul language.

BiggBoss gives them the task
all the contestants are given an undertaking wherein they need to pour the dirty clay from a pot of evilness at the contestant who they suppose are the evilest ones in this residence.

Abhi is going first and chooses Avinash and pours the mud throughout him and the task continues.

but, Bebika refuses Elvish to return on that chair for the project however BiggBoss interferes and tells them to follow the guidelines strictly.

in addition, Bebika calls Abhi for the undertaking and they were given into a totally unpleasant fight.
however, Pooja’s flip comes and she wants to pour the clay on herself but BiggBoss commands Pooja to play the task as informed.

meanwhile, Abhi options up a factor in Pooja’s lecture wherein she says small humans but he doesn’t believe her.

Pooja calls Jiya for the venture whilst Jiya argues with her and Pooja quits the mission with BiggBoss agreement.

the next candidate is Manisha and she calls Bebika for the assignment, however as normal Bebika lashes out at Manisha and denies coming for the assignment.

but, BiggBoss ends the task.

Contestants are residing in a Delusional international
Later, Salman Khan tells Bebika that due to her double standards, she didn’t entire the challenge.

Bigg Boss tells Salman Khan to expose the replicate to all of the contestants as they are dwelling in their delusional global and are only worried about their followers, likes, etc.

however, Salman Khan questions Abhishek about what he stated in advance that Bigg Boss is speaking approximately even as Abhi tries to give an explanation for to him what he intended definitely.

further, Salman Khan humiliates him by saying that he himself, Jio Cinema, and Endemol would really like to clap for him and for his greatness.

Later, Salman Khan brings Manisha and Elvish too inside the communication and makes them the equal wrongdoer of the topic.

but, Salman Khan keeps to bitch approximately Abhi for saying matters related to Avinahs’s age and asks for Pooja’s opinion on it while she starts crying and says this residence has no humanity left.

Salman Khan remarks that he clearly hopes Abhi wins the display however he can be the first winner who received the game yet failed to understand the adventure.

in the meantime, Salman Khan indicates a video of Abhi appreciating himself and announcing that he has introduced his audience to this display, and has contributed loads to make this show a successful one.

in addition, Elvish tells Abhi that he understands anything he stated before however makes he explains that nobody will recognize his intentions.

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