Bigg Boss OTT 2 5th July 2023 Written Update, Episode 19

Modern Bigg Boss OTT 2 5th July 2023 episode (Day 18) starts offevolved with all the housemates waking to the tune ‘Raita Fail Gaya’ as they rush to the garden and dance to the music.

Bigg Boss announces that Manisha Rani’s prison time has ended now.

Later, Cyrus Broacha is calling Bebika Dhurve what she is making for lunch even as Jiya Shankar states that there is no roti in his ration.

Bebika retorts that there may be flour in the trendy ration while Jiya and she begin arguing as Manisha silently maintains doing her very own element.

Later, Bigg Boss holds a meeting inside the living vicinity wherein he tells them that given that Jiya is feeling forced via the captaincy so there will again be a SattaBadli challenge in the BB house.

Jiya gets tested!
Avinash Sachdev brings the preparation and reads the mission wherein Jiya can be sat on a throne for 3 hours constantly while the relaxation of the housemates will try their nice to get her to go away from the throne.

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as the undertaking begins, Manisha Rani and Bebika start attacking Jiya using ‘grimy’ tissues and water splashes.

Abhishek Malhan additionally begins placing spice mixes on her face whilst Manisha and Bebika warn him to now not placed it on her eyes.

Jad Hadid, Pooja Bhaat, and Falaq Naaz speak approximately the undertaking as though it’s torture even as Abhi, Bebika, and Manisha play the game and attempt to incite Jiya to get off the throne.

Jad intervenes with no motive
Jad tells Manisha that he will not communicate with her if she maintains this torture even as Manisha tells him that it’s far a challenge and that everyone could have done the identical had she been in Jiya’s area.

Abhi scolds Avi for assisting Jiya and refuses to do the mission anymore while Manisha is going after him and tells him to hold gambling on the venture.

Avi eventually whispers that he might now not need to remove Jiya whilst he made her the captain inside the first vicinity.

Falaq tells Jad to now not to speak ill words at the same time as Jiya tells Avi that her face is burning however she will not speak till she wins the project.

because the assignment continues, Falaq and Avi keep assisting Jiya while Jiya talks again to Manisha, Bebika, and Abhi.

Bebika and Jiya Shankar argue over Jad’s buttocks incident
Later, Abhi puts some slurry on Jiya’s face which makes her begin cursing in anguish whilst Bebika and Manisha come outdoors to peer what has happened.

Jiya calls Bebika, Manisha, and Abhi’s torturers and they tell her that it’s far just part of the mission.

Jad goes inner and curses as he angrily as he throws something at the carpet.

The housemates retain bantering amongst themselves even as Jiya and Bebika get into an unsightly argument due to the fact Bebika said that Jiya is assisting a person who likes to show their buttocks.
Later, Jad appears at Bebika and spits at the ground whilst making an excuse that he had hair in his mouth.

all the housemates inform Jad to now not to do this even as Abhi tells Bebika to no longer drag Jad into the sport.

Bebika is going to Cyrus and tells him that she’s disenchanted he failed to speak up about the spitting incident.

Jiya retains her captaincy role!
The undertaking ends with the buzzer as Manisha and Falaq Naaz congratulate Jiya at the same time as Bigg Boss state that given that nobody should remove Jiya from the throne, she keeps the placement of the captain and that the nominations are fixed too.

Later, Jad argues that his eggs are lacking and demands that he receive eggs from the overall meal items.

Pooja refuses as she states that she uses the ones eggs to have her protein consumption.

alternatively, Bebika tells Falaq and Cyrus how horrific she feels approximately the spitting incident while Falaq tells her to speak to Bigg Boss approximately it.

Jad talks to Abhi and Avi arguing that Bebika is showing fake tears to advantage of sympathy.

At night, Jiya and Jad stand on the flour that Jad had thrown in anger whilst she tells him that he should not have finished that.

He justifies that he was angry and sweeps it up while Bebika states that she will not make Jad and Abhi’s meals.

Jiya tells Jad that he must express regret to Manisha and he does it unwillingly whilst Manisha states that it’s ok.

Jiya talks and apologizes to Manisha Rani
Later, Manisha and Jiya take a seat collectively as Jiya apologizes to her even as Manisha gets a bit emotional stating that she herself won’t talk to Jad all through their journey inside the Bigg Boss.

At night time, Bebika and Pooja are speaking about Abhi while Cyrus comes there and sits with them.

Bebika tells Cyrus that she will distance herself from him too if he sits with Jad for an excessive amount of.

on the other hand, Manisha and Abhi also take a seat together and talk about the day’s events.

Later, Abhi, Manisha, and Falaq walk via the lawn even as Manisha begins praising herself in a poetic way impressing each Abhi and Falaq.

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