Bigg Boss OTT 2 6th July 2023 Written Update, Episode 20

present day Bigg Boss OTT 2 sixth July 2023 episode (Day 19) begins with all the housemates waking up to a catchy track and smiling as they stroll to the garden and dance saying their sleepiness.

in addition, Manisha Rani attempts to cheer up but nevertheless upset by Bebika Dhurve telling her to no longer observe Jad Hadid.

Bebika goes internal pointing out that she does now not even need to renowned his existence whilst Cyrus Broacha asks her if he needs to patch things up between her and Jad.

Getting indignant, Bebika tells him that he isn’t always using his brain, and Pooja Bhatt consents along with her and tells Cyrus to no longer be diplomatic.

Catfight between Jiya and Bebika!
then again, Falaq Naaz and Abhinav Sachdev tease and shaggy dog story with each other.

Bebika tells Avi to deliver Jiya Shankar so that she will be able to ask her what to make.

Later, Bebika is speaking to Cyrus and Pooja at the same time as Jiya tries to speak to her.

Jiya leaves and talks to Jad and others announcing that she does not want to speak to Bebika anymore.

Bebika once more refuses to cook for Jad and Abhishek Malhan which angers Abhi who tells her to not deliver her non-public fights in food.

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The housemates decide to change their obligations and deliver the cooking duty to Manisha with Abhi assisting with the rotis.

Jiya is going and tells Bebika to do the dishes from the day after today however she refuses telling them to try and dispose of her from the kitchen duty.

Pooja helps Bebika and argues with the rest of the residents saying that Bebika is simplest refusing to do the rotis and is making the entirety else.

Jiya says that it isn’t bearable whilst Pooja receives out the topic pointing out that he can live on meals only.

She asks permission from Bigg Boss to lock Bebika in jail.

Avi is going to Bebika to attempt to convince her which ends up in a heated argument even as Jiya comes there and shouts at Bebika telling her to get out of the kitchen.

Falaq attempts to calm the argument however finally ends up leaving it even as Bebika and Jiya maintain to argue.

Bebika goes directly to argue with Abhishek announcing that he frame-shames her.

Falaq, Abhi, Jiya, and Jad take a seat in the garden and communicate unwell about Bebika even as Cyrus attempts to convince Pooja and Bebika to discover an answer.

Manisha talks to Bebika and Bebika has the same opinion to take the dishes responsibility while the housemates sigh in alleviation.

all of the others refuse to assist Bebika with the dishes on the grounds that it’s far a two-people undertaking and Jiya makes a decision to provide her most effective dinner dishes.

Jad and Falaq patch up!
Later, Avi sits with Falaq and convinces her to talk to Jad and she eventually has the same opinion.

Manisha is sitting with Abhi whilst she calls Bebika to return and sit.

Bebika refuses to sit down with snakes regarding Abhi and leaves while Abhi laughs in irony.

later on, Falaq sits with Jad and famous her problems with him telling him to no longer permit her down and to pick his phrases wisely.

Jad says that he’ll conform to what she says and calls her Didi as they hug.

Afterward, the Bigg Boss gives them a mission in which they can press the buzzer and talk up with their complaints in opposition to Captain Jiya while each Jiya and the complainant will need to select aBebika complained in opposition to Jiya for no longer being capable captain even as deciding on Pooja as her jury.

Jiya chooses Abhishek as her jury.
Later, Bigg Boss asks Pooja and Abhishek to the country whether they recall Jiya guilty or now not and the answer comes out to be Jiya being no longer guilty.

Later, Avinash feeds Falaq and they snigger at the same time as Abhi tries to patch up Manisha and Jad by translating among them.

Is Jiya responsible or not?
Afterward, Manisha presses the buzzer to whinge approximately Jiya and states that she is irresponsible as a captain while choosing Abhi as her jury.

Jiya selects Avi as a jury and in the long run, Jiya is validated guilty.

Later, Bebika jokes with Manisha asking her if she is heartbroken considering the fact that she sings sad songs.

She offers to break the legs of those who broke her buddy’s hearts whilst Abhi tells Manisha to speak and says that Bebika is first on the listing.

Manisha tells Bebika that she is the only one who broke her coronary heart the most and Bebika tells her to now not communicate after being influenced by the aid of Abhi.

A sarcastic argument erupts between Bebika and Abhi who starts offevolved laughing like a witch.

Pooja amusedly tells him to report his chortle for her out of doors in order that she will keep it as her ringtone.

At night time, the housemates are given a mission by Too Yumm chips where the pairs can have considered one of their legs tied as if they’re within the 3-legged race and will have to go through the Karara lane.

The pairs are of Bebika-Manisha, Jiya-Avi, and Abhi-Cyrus and they’ll additionally eat the chips at the checkpoint completely earlier than transferring on to the following vacation spot.

The pair to complete the project within the shortest time will win the undertaking.

Manisha and Bebika complete the undertaking in eight minutes and fifty-two seconds whilst Jiya and Avi complete the venture in the best 5 mins and fifty-one seconds.

but, Abhi and Cyrus are whole the undertaking in the most effective 4 minutes and 39 seconds and win the assignment.

The prevailing pair get one packet of snacks every as an end result at the side of a Too Yumm t-blouse.

Later, Manisha sits with the rest of the housemates as she talks to them approximately how she once acted drunk in front of a good-looking gentleman to flirt with him.

alternatively, Jiya teases Falaq saying that she and Avi are an adorable pair even as Falaq tells her that she seems like slapping her.

Jiya leaves thereafter teasing her while Falaq hits her with a pillow inflicting a pillow combat.

Avi asks her why she informed Faaz that she was given so angry whilst Jiya leaves mentioning that Falaq neither agreed nor denied.

Afterward, Abhi and Manisha teasingly fight with each other as they’re doing the dishes while Falaq sees them and laughs to her heart’s content.

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