Bigg Boss OTT 2 7th July 2023 Written Update, Episode 21

Today Bigg Boss OTT 2 7th July 2023 episode (Day 20) starts all of the housemates waking as much as active music as they visit the lawn and dance.

For a while, Falaq Naaz and Avinash Sachdev argue a little over the issue of Falaq the use of the microwave to warm up her truffles.

Does Pooja turn out to be a BUTLER?
on the other hand, Bebika Dhurve goes to the pool whilst Pooja Bhatt holds her robe announcing that she is giving her butler carrier.

Later, Bebika and Pooja sit down with Cyrus and they inform him how Cyrus is chivalrous occasionally.

Bigg Boss holds a meeting in the residing vicinity and tells them to rank the contestants on the bases of their contributions from 1 to nine with 1 being the quality and 9 being the worst.

Avinash brings the lockets of vials packed with a red liquid a good way to accept as in step with the distinct rank.

Housemates in a ranking!
Falaq stands up first and argues that she deserves to be the primary rank as she has been the maximum active and that her captaincy hasn’t been crushed by using anyone.

however, Abhishek Malhan tells her that she appeared greater like a private assistant than a captain.

Bebika and Manisha additionally come up with and nation that they need to be the first rank.

Cyrus Broacha states that he must be ninth whilst Avinash states that he ought to be 2d.

Jad Hadid comes up and states that he has definitely made mistakes and has to be on the 3rd rank at the same time as Jiya Shankar additionally states that she must be third.

Pooja stands and begins giving a poetic speech stating that she has by no means ranked herself in her existence.

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She states that the public gave her the 1st rank and that they have to take into account that.

Jad is ninth!
in a while, the contestants start balloting for the general public whilst Bigg Boss reminds them that they still have time to talk about their opinions overtly.

Jad gets irritated when the housemates no longer translate for him and explain to him what’s going on.

afterward, Abhi is given the 1st rank whilst Bebika argues that she merits being the 1st and will not settle for the 2nd.

Manisha takes the price and begins asking the housemates whom they see at the modern rating.

Jad is given the 9th rating on the majority while Cyrus receives the eighth rank.

Bebika is given the 7th rank even as the 6th rank is given to Manisha.

fifth rank is Avinash at the same time as Jiya is going on the 4th rank.

Jad desires to depart!
Falaq is in the 3rd role while Pooja gets the second rank making Abhishek the 1st rank.

After a while, Bigg Boss scolds the housemates pronouncing that this is a fact show and they no longer stay in delusions.

The Bigg Boss states that they don’t shape Janta’s opinion.

Pooja and Bebika begin arguing with Abhi reasoning that his opinion no longer fits with the Janta.
Abhi mocks Bebika paradoxically pointing out that she is both the Janta and the Bigg Boss.

He calls Bebika sofa and Tuntun Mausi making her name him a bodyshamer.
Jad goes to the balcony and tells the housemates to not speak to him till he leaves the residence whilst Abhi and Jiya remain bothering him.

Jiya attempts to touch his face however he tells her to no longer contact him seeing that he is upset and vents that he feels like he’s caged in his own body given that he cannot specify himself and has to pay attention to a person’s name callings whose language he cannot recognize.

Bebika, Falaq, and Pooja retain speak ill approximately Jad and judging him while the rest of the housemates try to speak to him.

while Manisha is going close to Jad to try to calm him, Jiya tells her to depart him alone and give her evaluations internal.

Bebika and Pooja argue in opposition to Jad!
Jad goes and talks to the camera saying that he wants to leave while the relaxation of housemates talks approximately the incident.

Falaq shouts at the housemates to allow her to talk to Jad and is going after him to the changing vicinity where he’s packing his bags.

Bebika continues speaking about how some contestants do not choose her for Jad while Pooja tells her to analyze alone.

Jad vents to Falaq about how they all have a few forms of worry or unusual fear of Bebika and Pooja because they close up in front of the 2.

He tells them that he feels disgusted with the aid of himself after the way they speak and approximately it.

Abhishek attempts to explain to Pooja why Jad is feeling upset at the same time as Pooja states that she’ll be happy if she leaves and Jad stays through Janta’s choice.

Cyrus, Jiya, Falaq, and Abhi take a seat with Jad comforting him even as convincing him to live the nighttime at the same time as promising to let him go if he nonetheless desires to go away the following day.

Jad requests them to talk up to Pooja that he has completed his punishment while Abhishek explains to him that he has attempted to tell her frequently but he can’t trade her persona.

Later, Jad hugs Avi and cries as he apologizes to him at the same time as Avi additionally sheds tears saying that he does now not have to mention sorry to him.

Abhi and Manisha sit collectively and joke about how Pooja wanted the primary rank and tried to appear modest.

At the identical time, Pooja and Bebika get into a controversy at the same time as Cyrus does now not meddle among them.

Later, Bebika receives into an issue with Abhi and when Manisha helps Bebika, both Jiya and Abhi start mocking her.

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