Bigg Boss OTT 2 9th July 2023 Written Episode 23 Update

cutting-edge Bigg Boss OTT 2 ninth July 2023 episode (Day 22) starts offevolved with Salman Khan greeting the target audience and visitors in his very own manner and telling them that they need to see what’s occurring in the residence.

Cyrus Broacha keeps complaining approximately looking to go away whilst Pooja Bhatt tells him that he can leave professionally by means of pleasurable the penalty clause.

later on, Pooja encourages Falaq Naaz and gives her advice to be robust.

Jiya is a coward?
in the meantime, Bebika Dhurve and Manisha Rani communicate about how both of them should have been in the pinnacle three.

Salman greets the housemates and tells Cyrus that he can both combat or fulfill the penalty to which Pooja says that he has been convinced by using the bribe of eggs.

After a while, Salman indicates the contestants’ names to the fans in Meme the instant making all of the contestants chortle.

Salman says that it’s time for persona interpreting and tells Manisha and Jiya Shankar to say which persona trait is how lots percent inside the different contestants.

Manisha states that Jiya is a coward, burdened, a flipper, has double requirements, is competitive, useless, and naughty from high percent to low.

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meanwhile, Jiya considers Manisha an interest seeker (31%), self-obsessed (22%), cussed(19%), cunning(12%), has double standards(eight%), a follower(five%), and finally, over-smart (three%).

Salman asks the housemates if they trust the board whilst Pooja says that Manisha isn’t stubborn while Jiya is not a coward.

later on, Abhishek Malhan and Abhinav Sachdev are known as in.

Avinash states that he thinks Abhi is greedy, competitive, jealous, over-clever, rude, unhygienic, and lastly stubborn.

in the meantime, Abhi considers Avi pressured, delusional, competitive, vain, cussed, a follower, and finally naughty.

Salman asks Jiya if she has the same opinion since she is a pal of both at the same time as she consents to all the forums.

Janta Ka Vichaar shoots a question!
Revealing what the Janta Ka Vichaar is, Salman says that one Janta member goes to impeach the housemates.

Dr. Zeba Ahemad from Kolkata asks Jiya what she has to mention when you consider that she seems like a flipper as she talked to Palak whilst she turned inside the residence and omitted Avi and Falaq but commenced talking to them again as soon as Palak left.

Jiya agrees that she became talking to all people considering she became trying to choose her humans and turned into looking to reconnect with one of her oldest friends.

later on, Salman says that it is time to prompt the BBVerse and says that there has been a whole lot of communication about captains and tells the captains to move inside.

Abhi, Falaq, jad Hadid, and Jiya pass in the BBVerse and take a seat as Salman tells them to speak about why they are a higher captain and must get this danger again.

All four maintain giving their reasons as to why they are better and then Salman tells the final contestants who need to in no way be a captain once more.

Abhi gets 3 votes against Jiya’s making him unable to be captain very whilst the display is going clean.

as soon as out of the BBVerse, Abhi starts arguing with Pooja announcing that he no longer need to be a captain to live within the BB house.

in the meantime, at the level, Salman welcomes the famous choreographer Terence Lewis and famous that he had personally requested Bigg Boss if he should come considering he wanted to offer a dance to the BB Contestants.

A dance challenge for the housemates!
Salman laughs as he says that the preparations created a number of chaos and indicates clips of Pooja dispensing the songs at the same time as Abhi and Bebika argue as they each want solos.

Bebika goes and begins trying to persuade different contestants to turn out to be a bridge between her and Abhi seeing that she desires to dance inside the assignment.

lower back in the present, Salman and Terence once again greet the contestants.

Jad and Falaq dance to Gopala while Bebika and Abhi dance to Gulaboo.

Avi and Jiya dance to Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nai which impresses each person even as Manisha and Cyrus dance to Laila making all people roll to the floor with laughter.
Terence calls Cyrus and Manisha’s best earlier than leaving as Salman tells Cyrus that this is why the target audience is loving them.

Salman talks about the nominations and says that Cyrus, Pooja, Jad, Abhi, and Manisha are safe one by one.

Coming all the way down to Avinash, Bebika, and Falaq, he asks the housemates to guess and afterward reveals that everyone is secure.
Salman bids them goodbye and leaves as the housemates start speaking to each different.

Avinash goes and sits next to Falaq telling her to now not to blame herself even as Jad and the rest of the contestants try to convince Bebika to clear out her phrases before putting them out in front of anyone.

An amusing-crammed challenge for the housemates!
at the level, Salman tells the viewers that Terence is going to move into the house, however earlier than that, someone else is also going inside and refers to comic Abhishek Krushna.

in the residence, Krishna enters thru dancing making all the housemates bounce in pleasure at the addition.

In his Anil Kapoor get-up, he greets all of the housemates and makes them laugh calling them Mera Baccha.

in addition, he starts giving the contestants flowers based on their personalities.

Krushna also makes Pooja dance with him announcing that he knew she did not dance in the assignment since she did no longer have a suitable accomplice.

later on, Krushna also makes Avi prepare dinner at the same time as telling him to crack the egg deliberating it as Abhi’s ego.

Krushna leaves whilst the contestants calm down and sit down to speak.

simply then, Terence Lewis enters the BB residence and greets the housemates.

Dhokebaaz revealed?
in addition, he gives them a Dhokha mission wherein he’ll show a few phrases that have been stated through one of the contestants.

the chosen contestant will guess which contestant stated it but if they wager efficiently, the buzzer will not sound.

Abhishek fails to wager in the beginning even as Jiya is called on next.

listening to the derogatory feedback approximately her and Jad, she gets emotional saying that it’s disgusting and calls Bebika’s name declaring that she is simply guessing as she cannot understand who might say this kind of factor.

In fact, it is Manisha and Abhi who have stated such matters about Jad and Jiya.

when it’s time for Pooja to guess, she guesses Jad who seems to be correct.

Falaq also guesses that Manisha was the one speaking sick approximately it while Avinash also guesses it to be Abhi correctly.

once, it is time for Manisha, talks about her looking to kiss Abdu are revealed and he or she chooses Bebika and Falaq in the beginning but then selects Avinash and Jiya who turn out to be genuine.

After revealing a few truths, Terence takes their go away.

Later, Jad and Avi are in the pool even as Jad well-known shows to Jiya that he overheard someone announcing that it turned into Abhishek who pointed out them.

at the equal time, Abhi sits with Pooja and asks her why she stated that he does not need to be captain.

Jiya continues speaking to the contestants looking for out who talked such disgusting things about her and Jad.

After Manisha tries to protect herself, both Falaq and Bebika inform Jiya that they doubt her.

Jiya tells Avi to move and speak to Abhi as she is suspicious of him while Abhi is with Jad seeking to convince them that it isn’t always him considering that he would not use slang.

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