Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 1st July 2023 Written Episode 15

The latest Bigg Boss OTT 2 1st July 2023 episode (Day 14) begins with Salman Khan greeting the audience in his special method however in a cold mood.

He talks approximately how he said at the start that he will no longer let the distinction of Bigg Boss pass down and if it does, he’ll not be a part of it.

Salman states that he’s sorry to the target audience on their behalf and tells them that it’s miles very unlucky that the Kiss aspect took place on the day of Abdu Rozik’s arrival.

in the house, Abdu is in the confession room as Bigg Boss tells him that this, is not Bigg Boss sixteen but Bigg Boss OTT and tells him that a few contestants will come and deliver him advice.

Abdu Rozik in BBOTT!
Pooja Bhatt comes and gets excited to peer Abdu while Bigg Boss tells her to give him advice on whom he has to no longer be friends with.

Pooja tells him that he will be magnificent friends with Jad Hadid but he may not get along with Akanksha.

Bebika Dhurve comes and tells Abdu to stay away from Manisha and Akanksha at the same time as Manisha complains to Bigg Boss for no longer giving her time to get geared up.

She tells Bigg Boss to put a filter out on her which makes Abdu snort while she offers her opinion on each person within the residence.

After a while, Bigg Boss tells the housemates that Chota Bhaijaan is getting into and tells them to welcome Abdu Rozik.

Jad hugs Abdu as soon as he enters the residence while telling him to be careful of Manisha as she flirts a lot.

Later, Pooja talks to Jad and places perspective in front of him telling him that he was speaking approximately Akanksha and then kissing her whilst he motives that it used to be dispassionate and solely owing to the venture.

After a while, Manisha complains approximately Jad maintaining Jiya Shankar’s waist to Abdu and tells him to p.c. her cheek to make Jad jealous however he refuses innocently.

Abhishek Malhan goes to Falaq Naaz and Bebika telling them to transfer the bins of meals on the grounds that Jiya and Jad nation that it isn’t always their obligation.

Falaq and Bebika move and do the responsibility at the same time as complaining that they were not aware of this rule.

Jad shocks the entire united states of America!
Jad asks them if they can not speak in front of this girl whilst relating to Bebika which angers her.

Bebika starts offevolved shouting at Jad whilst he shows his buttocks to her and tells her that she merits that only, now not his face.

He also insults Bebika saying that her own family must be embarrassed by virtue of her.

Later, Bebika needs Bigg Boss to call her into the confession room whilst she places her baggage with the aid of the exit door saying that either she can stay or he’s going to.

Jiya tells Aknaksha Puri that she desires the door would open at the same time as Bebika cries telling all of us that no one listened to her when she pointed out Jad being a fake individual.

Avinash and Abhi visit Jad and try and give an explanation to him that his movements are incorrect but Jad does now not agree.

Falaq tells Pooja that Bebika isn’t incorrect to cry even as Manisha and Abhi attempt to consolation Bebika who tells them to leave.

Pooja and Jad also get into an issue on account of Jad telling her to speak flippantly.

Falaq tells Avinash Sachdev that Jad is lifeless for her while she sees Pooja and Jad arguing and is going outside.

Pooja tells Jad to now not to combat like a chick and tells him that she has seen plenty of fellows like him.
After a while, the ladies need Jad to take a seat outdoors but he no longer agrees while Pooja tells Abhi to convince Jad to live again.

Salman Rebukes the HOUSEMATES!
Abhi tells Jad to sit down out of doors until the scenario is calm and Jad agrees to sit inside the pillow area with Abdu, Jiya, Akanksha, and Manisha.

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They inform Jad that they recognize how a good deal he respects women and tells him that it was incorrect for him to reveal his buttocks.
Bigg Boss calls Bebika in the confession room and he or she tells BB that she no longer experiences security in the BB house.

She gets assured by using Bigg Boss as he tells her that they shall talk approximately it on time off Ka Vaar.

Salman tells the target market that he no longer guides both of the 2 things and says that he desires to see how the housemates react.

Greeting the housemates, Salman asks them in the event that they have something to talk to but the housemates do now not reply.

Salman begins speaking approximately the subject of Jad and Akanksha kissing on Stay television.

Jad apologizes!
He talks about how Jad is made to appear and sense like a casanova and tells them that it is very ordinary for Jad on the grounds that he has completed it in other nations.

Salman talks to Jad and Akanksha telling them that they’ve accomplished this on their personal accord and that it is not scripted in any respect.

He talks to Jad and tells him that he was once very comfortable showing his buttocks and asks him if he would have performed it nonetheless if his female friend was once in the display.

Jad appears down even as Salman asks him if he needs to consider Jad as a friend or not.

He tells the housemates that everybody is aware of what’s taking place after they go to the lavatories and smoking regions after which he starts offevolved scolding Avi and Bebika for giving that dare and scolds Falaq for letting it occur whilst she was the Sanchalak.

Salman scolds all the housemates for having double standards as they talk approximately family and Sabhyata.

He scolds Akanksha for using the actress’s card to hide her mistake and pronounces that this all looked scripted to the target market.

Salman tells the housemates that he feels disappointed in them for protecting the scenario.

Jad motives are that he seems like the whole lot piled up leading to his movements and states that it’d not have come about if he nonetheless might have been the captain.

Bebika interrupts them and Salman scolds her telling her that he isn’t always Jad or someone else to listen to her loud shouts.

Salman goes lower back to ask Jad how it’s far related and tells him that he should make an apology to the housemates, Bebika, and the country.

He tells Jad to apologize to the united states of America because it’s a conservative usa yet a totally forgiving one.

Salman tells the housemates that if whatever like that occurred once more he’ll leave the display.

Jad apologizes to the housemates, the country, and anybody at the same time as Salman tells him that he needs to not have achieved this as a minimum for his daughter.

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