Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 2nd July 2023 Written Episode 16

Today’s Bigg Boss OTT 2 second July 2023 episode (Day 15) starts offevolved with Salman Khan speaking to the contestants telling the target audience that the housemates were given a challenge to jot down their court cases within the letters.

however, the contestants wrote approximately things that have been not even discussed which makes them hypocrites.

Salman greets the housemates and tells Jad that he may be nominated for the subsequent week for what he did even as Jad accepts it.

He in addition talks approximately the project at the same time as asking Avinash Sachdeva to show what he wrote about Pooja Bhatt.

Avinash talks about how he thinks that Pooja is a bit biased in relation to the gender and age hole.

Salman tells him that he may want to have additionally pointed out this to Pooja at the same time as Pooja tries to intervene.

Being greatly surprised on the manner she addressed him, Salman tells her that she does now not name him Salmanji considering the fact that they have had a extraordinary relationship seeing that formative years.

Salman exposes Avinash
Coming to another point, Salman exhibits that Avinash wrote that Jiya acts like a 12-yearantique even as he in no way spoke approximately this to her.

while Avinash attempts to talk again, Salman tells him that he seems like a viewer and that they’re going to open a unique room for them.

guys come there and ruin a reflect revealing a tiny room internal.

Avinash is made to sit down there even as Salman tells the housemates to find the Kadhghara (witness container).
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Falaq Naaz is introduced there first at the same time as Salman talks approximately her being dubbed as a ‘copy-Paste’ and well-knownshows how it’s miles true that Falaq only copies what Pooja says and interprets it into Hindi whilst announcing that it’s far her personal opinion.

Manish receives puzzled.
Pooja is known as into the witness container subsequent and Salman asks Manisha Rani why the housemates are frightened of Pooja.

Manisha says that the housemates appreciate her lots however it makes them scared of her someway.

Salman praises Pooja and asks her why she’s there at the same time as she exhibits that she is there to analyze and train them from her enjoy.

He tells her that she has been accused of gambling the old card and Pooja retorts that she simply places her critiques to the the front with none fear.

Salman calls Pooja brave and tells Manisha to not be a coward by way of playing diplomatic.

He calls Abhishek Malhan to the witness container next and asks him to position forward his opinion on Pooja.

Abhishek talks about how he attempts to respect all of the ladies inside the house at the same time as Pooja has judged him based totally on his incident with Bebika Dhurve.

Salman bashes Bebika
Salman agrees that Bebika has no sense of the way to talk and tells her that she have to examine that while praising Abhishek for writing what he has been announcing all throughout the show.

He tells Abhi and Pooja that they will come to develop and begins speakme about the accusations thrown at Pooja.

Salman tells Abhi that he has been accused of stealing the captaincy from Jad Hadid whilst Abhi exhibits that he wanted to be the captain from the begin but let pass of it because the housemates go on his upbringing plenty.

He scolds all of the housemates for talking approximately Abhi’s upbringing the maximum at the same time as rebuking Bebika and Falaq for turning a blind eye to Avinash’s violence and impolite manner of speakme to women.

Salman tells the housemates that they can’t be biased and tells them to now not have double standards and stay obvious for the next four weeks.

before leaving, Salman tells Bebika that he could no longer adore it if someone spoke to him the manner she speaks to all and sundry even as she argues that it isn’t always simplest her who speaks like that.

as soon as the display screen goes black, Jiya Shankar states that she simply feels dumb because she became the only one who initiated speaking to him once more.

Falaq and Abhi pass outside and talk out their differences and then Jad gets on his knees and apologizes to Bebika.
Jad apologizes to the housemates!
Manisha goes and praises Abhi even as he talks to the digicam and says that he misses his figure.

Jad tries to apologize to Bebika who tells him that he became the one who provoked her which he accepts.

Abhi additionally tries to talk to Bebika however she refuses to simply accept her mistakes.

in the meantimeon the stage, Salman welcomes the celebrity forged of carry on Jatta 3, Sonam Bajwa, and Gippy Grewal.

They act out how it would had been if they may be contestants of Bigg Boss Punjabi.
afterwardcomic Krushna comes there performing like Anil Kapoor while doing his regular comedy to entertain the target market and the guests.

visitors in BB OTT!
He tells Salman that he has been offered to be a number within the show Bhidu Boss and tells Salman to educate him how to do his famous greeting.

Salman tells him to practice by way of selling the guests‘ filmcarry on Jatta.

in a while, Salman greets the housemates yet again and introduces them to the visitors Gippy and Sonam who sing Bhangra for all the contestants.

Salman gives the housemates a project to the housemates where they are given a selected thing and that they have to say whom they would like to give the component to.

Pooja offers the satan‘s horns to Akanksha Puri at the same time as Jiya offers rotten fruit to Bebika.

Manisha gives the Danda (timber stick) to Avi even as Akanksha gives headphones to Bebika.

Avinash offers a rolling pin to Abhi whilst Abhi gives the neck pillow to Akanksha.

Salman bids the guests goodbye and tells the housemates that it’s time for them the elimination.

Akanksha receives eliminated
He opens the BBVerse and tells the contestants that 3 nominated contestants will pass inside the BBVerse.

Akanksha, Jiya, and Abhi pass within the BBVerse while Salman tells the ultimate housemates to stay awake as anything happens inner is going to have an effect on them too.

Salman tells the nominated contestants to pick among themselves who’s going to be leaving and tells them to be speedy because the longer time they take, the greater items from within the residence might be taken away.

The three talk among themselves and Akanksha and Abhi decide to do away with Jiya at the same time as they have lost eggs, 1 rest room, and access to the health club.

Salman stops the timer and states that they cannot come to a choice.

At ultimate, Salman tells Abhi that he is safe and tells him to head returned into the house even as Akanksha and Jiya stand concerned.

Salman tells Jiya to enter the BB house and exhibits that Akanksha has been eliminated.

within the house, Jiya goes and talks to Avi at the same time as he motives that he did now not need to place his evaluations on her.

The sirens blare and the men come there and get rid of eggs at the side of the crossing off one of the toilets.

Later, Abhi talks to Jiya and tells her that he’s usually been sincere with her and tells her that she keeps her reviews to herself.

on the other hand, Bebika tells Falaq that Jad’s profession is over in Dubai and then Falaq is going to Jad and tells him that the bond among them is over.

Later, as Manisha and Bebika start to argue Abdu Rozik takes Manisha away.

Bebika goes and sits with Abhi looking to sort out their problems with every other.

in the night, Manisha cries lacking her reminiscences whilst Abdu comforts her.

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