Chocolate Buttercream Frosting Recipe

My chocolate American buttercream takes things up a notch by using the usage of melted chocolate in preference to cocoa powder. The end result? A creamy, decadent frosting that moves the perfect balance of sweetness. Your flavor buds will thank you!
if you’ve been part of my network for a while, you may recognize approximately my remarkable One-Bowl Chocolate Cake recipe. it is a real crowd-pleaser that has received over the hearts (and stomachs) of all people who have attempted it! With its exquisite moist sponge that certainly improves with time (if it lasts that long), this cake is perfect for busy bakers who want to whip up something delicious in a flash. And the nice part? it is a cinch to make – simply toss the whole lot in a bowl and mix it up!
Does every ideal cake wish the perfect frosting, proper? I did not have a recipe of my own so I start out to discover a good chocolate buttercream frosting to supplement my recipe.

I like chocolate but I do not like an overwhelming quantity of it in my desserts. similarly, whilst I like buttercream, I dislike it whilst it’s too cloying – and let’s be real, most American buttercreams match that invoice – it’s usually too sweet! any other venture I faced was finding a chocolate buttercream recipe that did not depend on cocoa powder. I frequently discover that cocoa powder can lend an abnormal, chemical-like bitterness to the flavor. Is that just me? properly, on a quest to restore all this, I discovered my perfect chocolate buttercream recipe.

the ideal ratio of butter to sugar – maximum American buttercreams use quite a little sugar, however, this recipe would not. you can even lessen or increase the amount of sugar consistent with your liking!
a short and easy recipe, it simply takes 10 mins to make this.
you may blend it by means of hand with the use of a whisk or opt for the benefit and comfort of a stand mixer or hand blender.
it has a natural and greater practical chocolate flavor.
this buttercream is a dream to work with – it is top for frosting and piping!
substances you may want for chocolate buttercream frosting
Unsalted butter – Use room temperature butter. you could do away with the butter from the refrigerator an hour or half-hour previous to when you need it.
Icing or Confectioners sugar -: additionally referred to as powdered sugar. Do not alternative it with granulated or castor sugar because it will not dissolve with the butter. make sure to sift the sugar before using, this might give you a lighter and fluffier lump-unfastened buttercream.
dark Chocolate – Use desirable fantastic darkish chocolate. I exploit Amul dark chocolate for this recipe.
sparkling Cream – This factor facilitates lightening up and thinning out the frosting. It cuts down the heaviness of the butter. you could add more if you want, and make certain to regulate the consistency.
Vanilla extract – I advise the usage of real vanilla extract for the most satisfactory possible flavor.
Salt – do not skip the salt! It helps to stabilize the sweetness of the buttercream.
Richa’s top tips for making the fantastic chocolate buttercream
Cream butter and sugar use a whisk if doing it by means of hand. in case you’re the usage of a stand mixer, the paddle is an extra appropriate attachment.
Cream butter and sugar until the butter will become faded in coloration. make certain air gets integrated ensuing in a light and fluffy texture.
don’t omit to sift the sugar. Powdered sugar absorbs moisture when stored causing it to clump up. Sifting will remove any lumps and come up with a clean buttercream. you may modify the sweetness to your liking.
soften the chocolate in a microwave or over a double boiler and allow it to chill completely before including it in the creamed butter and sugar. adding hot chocolate will motivate the butter to soften.
dispose of the frosting (or a frosted cake) from the fridge half-hour before you want to devour it. this could melt the frosting.
shop in a hermetic field inside the refrigerator for up to every week or inside the freezer for up to a month. permit it to come back to room temperature earlier than you want to use it once more.
▢1 Cup Butter at room temperature, about 226 grams
▢1½ – 2 Cups Icing Sugar sifted, modify to flavor, approximately 195-260 grams
▢a hundred and fifty g dark Chocolate melted, cooled to room temperature
▢three Tablespoons clean Cream I used Amul, approximately forty-five grams
▢¼ Teaspoon Salt
▢1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract

Whisk collectively butter and icing sugar for 5-6 mins until light and creamy. If the use of a stand mixer, use the paddle attachment.
Pour inside the cooled melted dark chocolate at the same time as slowly whisking. Whisk for a minute or till mixed.
add fresh cream, salt, and vanilla and whisk once more for about 2 to 3 minutes, till fluffy. The buttercream ought to universally be ethereal, and fluffy and shouldn’t experience grainy. Use as favored!

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