Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Insanely smooth and creamy garlic mashed potatoes infused with garlic butter – we’ve included pointers on what type of potatoes to use, a way to boil them, and different small steps to make the quality mashed potatoes you have ever tasted!
nobody… literally no person will flip down a bowl of this yummy, mild, and fluffy garlic mashed potatoes – it’s miles THE ultimate consolation food! it’s far this sort of right facet dish for roasted meats, spicy gravies, or even roasted veggies.
This recipe tastes exactly like the stuff they serve at eating places. And there may be one precise step that makes it restaurant style – how the potatoes are mashed. you are left with a velvety clean texture and hundreds of flavors from the garlic. though the recipe appears pretty easy, there are some technicalities that you must pay attention to.

use the proper potatoes
considering that this dish puts potatoes in the spotlight, the use of the right form of potatoes is so indispensable. ideally, I might have liked to apply Yukon Gold potatoes or russet potatoes. due to the fact we don’t have the ones right here in India, I’ve used vintage potatoes in place of new ones. New potatoes have extra water content material than antique potatoes, so they are foamy and crumbly – now not the first-rate preference for mashed potatoes. Lumpy, bland mashed potatoes can damage an awesome mood like no other. So use the right potatoes!!

There are three foremost steps to make garlic mashed potatoes. I have explained how and why to observe those steps exactly as given.

slicing the Potatoes:
For this recipe, we’ve got peeled potatoes. The potatoes should be reduced into approximately 1. five-inch pieces. If they’re too large, they might not cook thru. And if they’re too small, they’ll cook too fast and start breaking down inside the water while boiling.

Boiling the Potatoes:
The water needs to be at room temperature while you upload the potatoes. It has to now not already be boiling, like how you prepare dinner pasta. adding potatoes to boiling water will only cook dinner the exterior of the pieces and the pieces might not cook dinner via speedy enough. additionally, don’t forget to season the boiling potatoes with salt! To test if the potatoes are completed, mash a chunk of potato with a fork. It must be fork soft and get mashed effortlessly.

Sieving the Potatoes
I’ve seen a lot of humans making mashed potatoes in a stand mixer or the usage of a potato mixer. at the same time as this can appear convenient, the use of a stand mixer can overwork the potatoes and cause them to lose the preferred consistency. Sieving potatoes would possibly seem like a tiresome step before everything. however trust me, the satin smooth texture and creaminess of the mashed potatoes when you sieve the boiled potatoes is to die for. Thank me later. most eating places use the sieve approach to get that creamy irresistible mash! Use a sieve that has slightly larger pores. A sieve it’s too first-rate will take way more arm power and time.

infusing butter and garlic
For that steakhouse-style mash, take normal mashed potatoes up a notch by infusing oodles of butter and roasted garlic. We do this by adding minced or grated garlic to butter and heating them collectively lightly (barring burning the butter or garlic). Then, milk is introduced to the pan and simmered for a few minutes. This infuses the garlic flavor in each butter and milk which leads to a lovely flavor that’s constant via the mashed potatoes. This is totally a guilty delight kinda recipe! So, DO not skimp on the butter!!

you may make a thicker creamy mash or a free creamy mash. This relies upon on how good deal of milk you upload. Milk and cream add so much richness to the mash that every chew is supremely enjoyable.

We take our mash very critically! So here’s a short list of Do’s and Dont that you can talk to for the fine creamy garlic mashed potatoes.
mashed potatoes do
Use vintage potatoes vs new – antique potatoes have thicker pores and skin. in case you stay outside India, look for Yukon Gold which is literally the gold general in potatoes for mash
Salt the water that you may use to boil potatoes
Sieve the boiled potatoes at the same time as they are nevertheless warm. This makes it smooth to mash potatoes
Use a fork or a spatula even as sieving
Use complete fats butter, cream, and milk
Dig in!
mashed potatoes don’ts
upload potatoes to boiling water
Use a blender or meals processor
Overwork the potatoes
Skimp on butter
Burn the garlic butter infusion
here are some simple topping ideas to jazz it up:

Freshly ground pepper
Thyme or Rosemary
Minced onions
Chopped parsley
got a few leftover mash?

try those Leftover Mashed Potato Ham desserts

serve a bowl of creamy garlic mashed potatoes with:
Veg Gravy with Mushrooms
Roasted Spatchcock fowl
Spinach Mushroom stuffed hen
Creamy Beaverbrook Mushroom hen Thighs
Caramelized Onion Rosemary Chook Thighs.
▢550 grams Potatoes Yukon Gold or vintage potatoes
▢four cups Water
▢3 tablespoons Butter
▢2 tablespoons Garlic minced
▢1 ½ teaspoon Salt
▢½ cup Milk
▢two tablespoon Cream
upload the water, salt, and potatoes to a pot. convey to a boil and cook dinner for 25-half-hour on medium warmth until the potatoes are fully cooked and can be mashed without difficulty with a fork. pressure the potatoes well.
even as the potatoes are cooking, in a heavy-bottomed saucepan on a low flame, add the butter and garlic and gently prepare dinner them, make sure now not to burn the butter or the garlic. After about 1 minute, add milk and stir to mix. cook for 1 minute and cast off from warmness.
Sieve the potatoes at the same time as you upload the milk mix. Use a thick sieve so that the potatoes mash and sieve without difficulty. ensure that the potatoes are creamy and clean. Season with extra salt if essential.
pinnacle it off with a few more butter cubes and chopped parsley. Serve warm immediately!

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