Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 29th July 2023 Written Episode 5

Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 29th July 2023 Written Update: KKK 13 Episode 5 written update;

Today Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 29th July 2023 episode starts offevolved with Rohit Shetty telling the contestants that nowadays the number one venture can be finished with the useful resource of the usage of Shiv Thakare and Sheezan Khan.

He in addition orders the ones to choose companions for the mission cautiously due to the truth the companions can be equal at some level inside the complete break day.

hearing this, Shiv chooses Dino James as his partner while Sheehan chooses Ariit Taneja as his companion.

the horse chariot undertaking
meanwhile, the primary assignment is to prepare a horse chariot and the contestants can be tied to the chariot using a rope.

As the pony chariot will begin taking circles, the contestants can be dragged 3 rounds whilst they must hit twenty small cones and cause them to fall.

the primary contestant will teach whilst the opportunity one can be blindfolded so co-ordination is essential.

Dino and Shiv pass first to finish the project and Shiv chooses to be blindfolded whilst Dino takes the placement of guide.

They face extreme trouble all through the undertaking as Dino complains of now not being capable of seeing a few components owing to dust and Shiv’s stick breaks withinside the mid-way.

afterward, Arijit and Sheezan start acting the venture but they are additionally now not capable of hitting all the cones on account of loss of co-ordination.

when the quit result comes, it seems the Shiv-Dino crew has hit five cones and the Arijit-Sheezan group has hit the handiest 4.

Arijit and Sheezan get worried about fanda.

Anjali and Aishwarya create electric-powered trouble!
Later, Anjum Fakih and Anjali Anand get determined for the following mission so now they ought to pick their partners.

Anjum chooses Aishwarya Sharma Bhatt as her partner at the same time as Anjali chooses Daisy Shah as her accomplice.

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This project revolves around spherical crocodiles in a cage wherein three crimson, black, and yellow slides are positioned and each crocodile is carrying the one’s flags.

The contestant’s system is to vicinity an appropriate same flag on the crocodile’s body that the crocodile is sporting after which the crocodile desires to be transferred after the equal slide but the contestant has to maintain it in arm.

but, the twist is that one associate will enter the cage at the same time as the alternative one will control her associate the usage of the stick can be blindfolded and the wires across the cage are a sporting electric-powered surprise.

The challenge wants to be finished within ten mins and on every occasion the stick touches the twine, the companion gets an electric powered powered cutting-edge.

Anjali and Dasiy come to perform the assignment and Anjali enters the cage even as Daisy performs the location of the controller.

Even eleven even though Dasiy keeps to bear the pain of electrical shock, Anjali fails to pick out the crocodile owing to her lack of capability to short concept.

Rohit Shetty additionally criticizes Anjali for this whilst every person praises Daisy for her strength.

while Anjum and Aishwarya’s flip comes for the project, Anjum chooses to be the controller and Aishwarya enters the cage to acquire the flags.

Anjum offers her exceptional however Aishwarya gets scared so she fails to select any flags.
Anjum and Aishwarya get the concern fanda.

Archana’s hard stunt
For the subsequent undertaking, Archana Gautam and Soundous Moufakir get paired up and Nyra Banerjee gets paired up with Reshmeet Kaur.

This undertaking revolves around a platform that is set on the pinnacle of a mountain and the contestants are required to stroll through the platform which has very slim rallies.

each group receives ten minutes to finish the assignment as one can be blindfolded with a virtual camera in her helmet and the contestant will see the course withinside the replicate this is connected to her helmet.

Nyra and Reshmeet are the number one crew to play the mission and Nyra gets blindfolded whilst Reshmeet courses her.

After those stop the undertaking, Archana and Soundous arrive beside Rohit’s aspect for his or her turn.

before the challenge starts offevolved, Arijit and Shivb take turns to impress Soundous but the handiest Shiv receives a kiss from Soundous.

Archana and Soundous fall from the platform by Archana’s stupidity so Nyra and Reshmeet win this mission.

 Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 29 July 2023 written update

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Khatron Ke Khiladi thirteen 29th July 2023 Written update: KKK 13 written replace, Episode five
hues television’s Khatron Ke Khiladi is ready to entertain the target goal market with gorgeous however exciting stunts this week together with the precise purple worry fanda.

inside the modern-day promo of Khatron Ke Khiladi Season thirteen (29 July 2023), Host Rohit Shetty is visible telling Soundous Moufakir and Aishwarya Sharma that they have been getting princess remedy and now they shall deliver the princess to someone else.

Aishwarya and Soundous in addition wash a horse and groom the horse giving it princess treatment.

In one of the special promos of Khatron Ke Khiladi thirteen (29 July 2023), we another time see Aishwarya assisting Soundous pronounce the pony’s call in Hindi even as Soundous compares the horse’s hair to Aishwarya Sharma’s husband, Neil Bhatt’s hair.

The target market receives to look at their preferred contestants appearing in some of the adventurous duties and stunts withinside the 5th episode of KKK’s thirteenth Season on (29-07-2023) at 9:00 P.M. on Hues television.

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