Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 5th August 2023 Written Episode 7

Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 5th August 2023 Written Update: KKK 13 Episode 7 written update;

Modern-day Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 5th August 2023 episode begins with Rohit Shetty yelling at Daisy Shah for speaking unnecessarily even as he’s welcoming all and sundry.

Relay Week
Rohit then orders Daisy to come back to stand beside him and he subsequently well-known shows that he was once just joking.

listening to this, everyone starts offevolved guffawing while Rohit explains this week’s subject matter.

This week’s theme is known as “Relay Week” wherein Rohit will pick the first two contestants who will do the stunt.

The person who will win the stunt will get to pick out her group member first at the same time as the defeated one will select later and everybody will preserve to get fear fanda as the stunts will preserve coming.

at the end of this week, the group with the purpose to have more fear fanda will need to perform the elimination stunt.

Rohit then tells all and sundry that the primary stunt goes to be underwater and the participant might be thrown below the water in a frame bag.

The contestant’s hands will be tied via a series and he/she will be able to should find the important thing to open the bag.

Nyra Banerjee and Anjali Anand get selected for the stunt.

Anjali goes first to finish the stunt however as the frame bag begins shrinking underwater, she feels panicked so she aborts the stunt.

whilst Nyra goes to try the mission, she also aborts the venture after attempting 3 times and now those 2 Nyra and Anjali both get fear fanda.

Dino will become an endless hero
Afterward, Rohit tells anybody that the reason that both Nyra and Anjali are becoming worried fanda so now he might be the only one to pick the following two contestants.

For this next venture, Shik Thakre and Dino James get decided on and on this venture, the player will want to pressure a car.

A track complete of hurdles is set up and as soon as the driver involves the remaining prevent, he’s going to must bring out a belt from the returned seat which has 3 crimson flags.

After this, the participant will have to enter a chopper with the intention to fly over a sea, and underneath it, there may be a pole with the internet.

The flags want to be connected to every facet of the pole and inside the internet and as soon as the player takes a selfie, the stunt might be done.

First Dino goes to do the assignment and he completes the task no matter every hurdle in his method.

while Shiv goes to do the venture, he losses his stability and falls into the ocean.

considering Dino has completed the challenge, he wins this stunt even as Shiv receives the concern fanda.
Rats are the hassle maker
Later, Archana Gautam feedback that Arijit Taneja, Shiv, and Soundous Moufakir are in a triangle dating.

Rohit also complains those 3 are horrific success for every difference because whenever Soundous wishes Arijit and Shiv all the best, they get scared.

He in addition tells absolutely everyone that during this stunt one is needed to split black and white mice in distinct containers within five minutes even as one has to wear a helmet complete of mice.

Dino chooses Dasiy Shah for this stunt and Shiv chooses Reshmeet Kaur for this one.

Reshmeet goes first to complete the project and she or he very gracefully finishes the undertaking via assuming that she is picking up a laddoo, no longer a mouse.

As Daisy’s flip comes, she separates the rats except for fear but a few rats begin jumping around.

Daisy wins the mission for completing fifteen seconds in advance than Reshmeet so Reshmeet gets the fear fanda.

cease of cutting-edge 5th August 2023 Khatron Ke Khiladi thirteen written replace.

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Khatron Ke Khiladi thirteen Season 5th August 2023, Episode 7
hues tv’s famous truth display Khatron Ke Khiladi is ready to entertain the target audience this week with superb stunts along with a special crimson fear fanda.

within today’s promo of Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 13 (5 August 2023), Aishwarya Sharma Bhatt introduces Archana Gautam as a 5-foot embarrassment.

Archana complains to Aishwarya for announcing this, adding that she thinks Aishwarya is her appropriate friend at the same time as Aishwarya jokes that solely Chana of Archana’s name is left due to anybody embarrassing Archana always.

In one of the other promos of Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 (5th August 2023), Rohit Shetty orders Nyra Banerjee to do a water stunt and Nyra gets thrown into the water after being locked in a zipper bag.

She declares that she can’t see every time she enters the water so Rohit gives her three probabilities however she fails to finish the project.

afterward, Shiv Thakre and Arijit Taneja mimic Nyra’s voice and moves which generates laughter among the contestants.

The target market will get to see their favored contestants performing loads of adventurous duties and stunts inside the seventh episode of KKK’s 13 Season on (05-08-2023) at nine:00 P.M. on colorations television.

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