Mtv Roadies 12th August 2023 Written Episode 21 Update

MTV Roadies  12th August 2023 Written Update: MTV Roadies Episode 21 written update;

MTV Roadies is lower back with its 19th season named Roadies Karm Ya Kaand with new faces and thrilling twists to entertain the target audience.

They get excited at the alternative atmosphere and wish for positivity.

the following morning, Prem acts as a Babaji and does comedy even as horrific-mouthing the other contestants.

The contestants however take it as a joke and just snigger taking his blessings.

however, Siwet tells Nayera that they must prevent their developing courting till they are within the show making Nayera’s feelings hurt.

just then, contestants from auditions, Leeza Basumatary, Akriti Nagi, Anmol Dhawan, and Naveen Kumar input the campsite and greet all and sundry.

The roadies are not glad to see extra contestants whilst the scroll comes there and well-known shows that Leeza and Naveen have already received the Roadies battleground.

however, Akriti and Anmol still ought to prove their worth to stay in the sport.

all the boys start fawning over Akriti and Sachin and Joginder even begin arguing because of her.

At the equal time, Akriti backtalks about Lizza saying that she is more potent than her and that she only gained due to the fact she was once with Naveen.

both Lizza and Naveen get indignant at her and confront her at the same time as she maintains speaking once more them.

Later, the host Sonu Sood and the crowd leaders greet the contestants and the new faces.

Sonu asks Lizza about Priyanka C. while Priyanka C. talks badly about her.

Lizza says that she does now not care about her opinion.

Sonu exhibits that Lizza and Naveen have already received while Akriti and Anmol have not begun to show themselves.

He tells Prince that he has to spend one thousand Roadiums to choose considered one of them and he has to select which group Lizza has to go into.

Priyanka remarks that they should place Lizza in Gautam’s crew when you consider that she is weak making Lizza cry tears of anger.

Prince sends Lizza to Gautam’s team at the same time as Sonu well-known shows that the roadies will vote and decide who receives to live between Akriti and Anmol and cross into Rhea’s team.

Akriti receives the maximum votes which Gang Rhea no longer likes in view that they wanted Anmol.
Sonu reveals that the following undertaking is for the Roadiums and says that the new faces need to do the project in conjunction with 4 other roadies from every crew.

in the undertaking, the roadies should climb a wall, drag the ladder towards themselves, and use the equal ladder to get the bags that incorporate the numbers for the lock aggregate.

the use of that, they should get the silver balls from the trunk and throw them toward the tile wall to break at least 5 tiles.

The team finishing the boundaries first will win the task and get 3000 Roadiums with the runner-up getting 2000 tiles.

The venture starts offevolved and Rhea and Prince’s group take the lead but slow down in the direction of the luggage series.
Gang Prince manages to take the lead at the same time as crew Rhea goes even returned due to a silly mistake of theirs.

Rhea’s team manages to pinnacle after getting the lock aggregate proper on the first try while Gautam’s team goes on second.

Gautam scolds Digvijay for no longer being able to interrupt the tiles while all the other groups additionally conflict.

Rishabh manages to interrupt his first tile boosting his self-assurance.

in the end, team Rhea wins with Rishabh’s accurate shoots while Gang Gautam wins second place with a near call.

Prince and the entire gang get irritated with Vashu for doing mistakes central to their loss.

Naveen says that they gained by means of success to get back at Akriti which angers all people.

in the meantime, Prince scolds Vashu and Shivin for making errors in every assignment while Aashika cries that the women of their crew lose due to the boys who come to be doing nothing in tasks.

Roadies 19 12th August 2023, Episode 20, Promo

The modern promo for this day off’s Roadies Karm Ka Kaand 19 (12th August 2023) shows the gangs gambling an assignment named Pass Gober Gone wherein there need to push the other gang’s roadie from the ladder bridge into the mud pit and get to the other aspect to win.

every other promo for Roadies 2023 (12-8-2023) shows a fight ensuing between the two roadies Piyu and Priyanka S. who had been ex-fanatics which angers all their gang members.
The promo also shows the contributors getting a touch involved and excited as Sonu Sood famous that a few twists are occurring which the group leaders are ignorant of.

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