Mtv Roadies 16th September 2023 Written Episode 31 Update

MTV Roadies 16th September 2023 Written Update: MTV Roadies Episode 31 written update;

Present day Roadies 19 16th September 2023 episode starts with all of the roadies returning to the campsite.

Rajveer argues with Priyanka for calling him a crybaby and tells her that he thinks she has intellectual issues.

meanwhile, Piyu argues with Pallavi telling her that she ought to have hit her harder within the undertaking while Pallavi asks her if she skill to say that Pallavi is weak.

Prince has a talk with Vashu
even as they argue, Piyu brings up the subject of Sachin and Pallavi being attached and having physical touch which hurts Pallavi.

She goes to her tent and cries at the same time as Sachin learns of this and is going to confront Piyu.

Gang chief Prince comes there and talks to his team who tell him that they do not believe Vashu anymore and would no longer promise to keep him safe.

Prince calls Vashu to their tent and talks to him while telling him to play his sport to any extent further.

Later, every person reaches the removal website wherein Pallavi brings up the subject of Piyu accusing her of being in close proximity with Sachin.

She asks all the roadies if they have ever seen her near Sachin.

Tanu talks with the help of Pallavi claiming that her statements are genuine while Piyu argues that everybody is against her now that she is in Prince’s gang.

Pallavi reiterates the statements that Piyu has stated while Piyu starts offevolved crying announcing that she had taken into consideration Pallavi as her buddy.

They end the conversation there and begin speaking approximately the assignment in which Himashu confronts Vashu and tells him that he won seeing that that they had made an address every different to fight towards Prakram.

Prince’s Group Wins
Prakram says that Vashu had made an address to him too at the same time as Vashu says that both of them nodded at him before the sport.

Prince’s group starts clapping for Vashu satirically whilst Rhea tells Vashu that he won truthful and square ending the conversation.

Sonu starts offevolved speaking approximately hits and reveals that Akriti received 3, Piyu received three, Pallavi received 4, Siwet received two, Rishabh received 5, and Joginder gained 6.
As for the entire, Prince’s team won 5000 roadiums bringing their total to 8000 even as Gautam’s team was given 5500 roadiums.

Rhea already has 2500 roadiums and she received 8000 inside the final round bringing her general to 10500.

Rishabh, Vashu, and Pallavi win the immunity even as the relaxation of the roadies are all hazardous.

Rajveer receives removed
Revealing that Prakram is likewise safe as a result of a Kaand and tells the group leaders that they are able to only buy 2 immunities each priced at 3000.

Gautam offers immunity to Joginder whilst Prince no longer gives immunity to each person.

shocking anyone, Sonu is famous that there might be 5 eliminations while every roadie will vote in opposition to two contestants.

After the votes are put in, Sonu states that it looks as if the roadies want to send six roadies domestic in place of five and reveals who voted for whom.
Siwet’s name is known as out greater at the beginning even as Akriti and Sachin’s votes also upward jostle to 5 each.

Rajveer’s call tremendously rises to the top with eleven votes stunning anybody.

Gautam saves Sachin
earlier than leaving, Rajveer says that he does not feel he has completed something wrong and bids all and sundry goodbye with a smile on their face.

Siwet got six votes, Sachin and Akriti got 5 votes at the same time and Himanshu and Bhoomika got 2 votes tying for the fifth ultimate.

all of the gang leaders get emotional as they ask Sonu in the event that they need to rule out these many in an unmarried nighttime.

Sonu offers Gautam and Prince a risk to save anybody of the roadies for two thousand roadiums because the removed roadies begin pitching to them.

Gautam saves Sachin.

Prince saves Himanshu stunning his very own crew whilst Siwet says that he is aware and nevertheless considers Prince his elder brother.

Bringing in Karm, Sonu gives the 3 any other risk to live back by using prevailing the next day’s venture.

end of cutting-edge Roadies Season 19, 16th September 2023 written update.
Roadies 19 16 September 2023, Episode 31, Promo
MTV Roadies 2023 has returned with its 19th season named Roadies Karm Ya Kaand with the group leaders and modern gangs after the previous gangs had been dissolved.

The modern promo for this time off’s Roadies Karm Ya Kaand 19 (16 September 2023) shows the contestants arguing with their vintage gang contributors at the campsite owing to loyalty conflicts after the brand new gang formations.

every other promo for Roadies 2023 (16-09-2023) suggests Pallavi and Piyu going into a huge fight owing to Pallavi accusing Piyu of teaming up with Akriti at some stage in the previous venture.

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