Mtv Roadies 27th August 2023 Written Episode 26 Update

MTV Roadies 27th August 2023 Written Update: MTV Roadies Episode 26 written update;

Modern Roadies 19 27th August 2023 episode starts offevolved with Roadies making their journey on motorcycles to the subsequent campsite that’s Solang Valley.

They clean up at the campsite after which visit the mission place wherein they shaggy dog story approximately ghosts at their campsite.

Sonu teases Bhoomika when you consider that she has dyed her hair pink and asks if it is due to the fact pink is Priyanka’s preferred shade.

speaking about the roadium undertaking, Sonu tells the gangs that they will be locating eggs.

in the venture, the MURGA might be retaining a giant egg basket even as 2 MURGI will be finding eggs through the floor.

each team could be given 25 points (five golden eggs with five factors every) at the begin at the same time as the white egg will have one point.

The gangs can even thieve from different gangs even as the gang leaders might use a cellphone digicam to click on photos of stealing and may be capable of ruining one golden and one white egg on the heads of non-performing players.

Prince’s crew goals Rhea’s team and Rhea’s crew goals Gautam whilst Gautam’s crew goals Prince.

The first round begins!
inside the first round, Prince’s group manages to click on an image and they spoil the eggs on Abhirup and Rishabh.

inside the 2D round, Rhea and Gautam manage to click pix and then Bhoomika smashes eggs on Prakram and Digvijay at the same time as Prakram smashes eggs on Prem and Joginder.

in the 0.33 round, all three gang leaders control to click the photographs after which Prem from Prince’s group smashes egg on Bhoomika and Rishabh while Himashu smashes egg on Joginder and Prem.

in the meantime, Rishabh from Rhea’s team smashed egg on Himashu and Digvijay.

inside the fourth spherical, Rhea manages to click an image, and one golden and one white egg gets removed from their basket and smashed onto the hair of their non-acting gang participants.
The 5th round ends and Prince manages to click on a percent after which one golden and one white egg from Rhea’s basket is taken and smashed onto Neerja and Bhoomika’s head.

Prince’s group Wins the mission
Prince again manages to click a picture within the sixth spherical and Rhea’s eggs get removed and smashed on Rishabh and Bhoomika’s heads.

All 3 gangs manipulate to click pics and all their eggs get removed.

within the ultimate round, Rhea manages to get a picture and removes 2 eggs from Gautam’s group.

in the end, Gautam had 7 golden eggs, Rhea had 6 golden eggs and Prince had eight golden eggs While adding inside the white eggs Rhead was given seventy-two points, Gautam got seventy-nine points and Prince got seventy-eight points.
but, after deducting the damaged and foul eggs, Rhea is sixty five, Prince at 75, and Gautam at 71.

Prince gets 3000 roadiums, Gautam’s group receives 2000 roadiums and Rhea’s crew gets a variety of love and prayers.

once Sonu leaves, the gang talks to their leaders and Rhea’s team tells her that they don’t consider the alliance with Gautam’s group risky.

Prince tells his team to shape an alliance with Gautam to put off members from Rhea’s crew while Gautam additionally tells his gang to target Bhoomika and Rishabh.

cease of latest Roadies Karm Ya Kand Roadies 19 27th August 2023 Episode 26.

Roadies 19 27th August 2023, Episode 26, Promo
MTV Roadies has returned with its nineteenth season named Roadies Karm Ya Kaand with new exciting twists and a variety of amusement this season.

The modern promo for this day without work’s Roadies Karm Ka Kaand 19 (twenty-seventh August 2023) shows Sonu Sood welcoming the gangs to the new mission area to present them with the possibility of winning immunity for the next week’s removal.

the gang contributors concentrate intently as Sonu Sood tells them about the task in which they shall need to dig the ground of their row and find the golden egg which they should pass back to the start and put in their egg-formed basket.

any other promo for Roadies 2023 (27-8-2023) indicates a fight ensuing between Gang chief Prince Narula and the opposite two gang leaders as a result of his instigating approaches.

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